Make a deal

Hi guys I am new among you I heard that some artists came to these days by making deals with demons. I always wanted to be a real singer since I was little, like biggie 2pac my city studio no I don’t have any money anyway Is there a demon that will make me what I want about it? I am ready to give everything but after the deal, I heard that the demons hurt the person. Is there anyone who can help me with this? I would be grateful You know, if you are born as a Turk in the Muslim family, they will tell you the devil badly sorry for bad english here translate .D

No demon will make you a popular singer over night. It’s too unrealistic, life doesn’t work that way

Start taking singing lessons and practice

Sing as much as possible at gigs and events

Write original songs and learn to play an instrument like piano, or if you want to be a vocalist, try to find a band. Or go solo if you really want.

Post songs online (pretty important, that’s how you can get noticed by studios and such)

Demons can help you find people that will aid you, help you get gigs and if you post songs online they can help you get recognition.

Every single artist had to start somewhere, if you look at many of them, their upbringings are difficult but they never give up.
Spirits can accelerate this process for you but you need to put the work…
Edit: I recommend you to check the past of different artists and see how they got where they are today.
Good luck!

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It doesn’t work like that , I have many friends who use mystical teachings to improve their lives and careers , if it was that easy everyone would do it , what you should do is slowly try to practice and improve , if you can get small results you can eventually expand and get much larger results , what makes that far more difficult is I highly doubt you will easily come across someone who’s made it to that level of fame around here .