Lucifer's message for me ( thought I'd share)

Maybe you are right, maybe he is right, who the fuck knows honestly, but the thing is you are the one who jumped at his throat. You aren’t going to solve something by insulting someone :woman_shrugging:


I can feel and understand your anger and frustration, as well as everyone else’s…

I think it would probably be best to just put those you clash with continually on ignore, so as to keep the peace. :bouquet:


You know the best way to make someone look stupid? By ignoring them and letting them prove your point.

By doing what you did you’re only landing yourself in trouble and just showing your ass, you know? You didn’t need to that.

You don’t put out a house fire by fanning the flames.


It’s okay to disagree. It’s ok for you to render Lucifer as giving you a message, and its ok for others to disagree with that. You can disagree, we all can disagree- without degenerating to grade-school name calling.
OP, you seem like you have some dope ideas. Why not share them and transcend this desire to insult others. I’m sure you have awesome uses for your energy, that don’t involve name calling.



There is no maybe, he has insulted my path by claiming all my magickal experiences were fantasy and parasitic, when they haven’t been, I never claimed such a thing on his end, sure I’ve had deep issues with parasites but not all my magickal experiences have been so

Okay everyone, lets end this here. We should call Eva and let this argument between the two TL3 solved by her. Otherwise this may not go anywhere, how about that?


Yes you’re right, maybe I am letting one conversation get to me too much, I’ll try not to let it bother me so much

You’re right bro, and I apologize to Gemini (I think that’s his name)


But back on the song, the message I had got was not to worry, that he loves me greatly nevertheless, and whenever I’m ready I can go to him

So, I’m a she, as it happens, and I really enjoy makeup, particularly as a form of personal expression, but yeah… Don’t understand where that came from. :woman_shrugging:

I rather assumed - silly me - that @MagickVigilante knew what the message was, and just hadn’t stated it. That was my prod to say “dude, what’s the message?”

I really like how song lyrics speak to me, but I’ve found that the messages I get are usually nothing like the messages other people hear from the same song. The interpretation is so linked into personal history and associations, it’s very difficult to predict without a bit of context. I’m in some music discords and even people into the same genres and culture don’t get the same out of the same songs.

@MagickVigilante I think, if you feel intuitively that this contains a message for you, it’s for your ears only and you have to be the one to find it out. If you’re not hearing the message now, maybe come back to it in a month, or six months and listen again, you could have experiences in the future linking to this as well as the past.


My apologies. I thought you were a he.

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Smart yet amazingly sexy mod who mentioned anger issues still scoring high, as we come into the second round… :thinking:


Feeling quite of yourself today huh? :laughing:

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I don’t mind at all :slight_smile:
I almost never correct that, because most of the time I feel like it’s just besides the point, but it seemed somewhat relevant on this one.

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Let it be clear that I don’t intend to make any enemies here, I’m actually a pretty chill guy who’s had a tough go last summer, and this forum has helped me a lot and got nice people

I saw I got a post flagged, was that my rant to Gemini?

I’m not sure tbh, what struck out was the fact that I never listened to Selena, the song randomly popped up with 666 million views, and listening to it it felt like Lucifer was speaking to me, plus the video had interesting symbolism

Yes, I took it off because people reading down would just go off that and we’d all end up in a mess here.

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Lest we all forget how much Lucifer loves music.

I know music is a huge way for spirits to send messages … And Lucifer is right up at the top. Listen to the song …how does it speak to you personally.

Just as I walked into work yesterday all alone to open the bon jovi song… Bed of Roses was playing and I instantly knew what the message was.


Speak of the devil. :smiling_imp:

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