Fast love/ lust spell

I’m new to magic but I understand the concept some. Practicing a little voodoo helped me. I want to be with this lady so bad. I’ve started introduction with Sallos, buy I don’t understand circles etc. I do feel some electrical charge in my body. Women are treating me different. But the lady I want, I don’t run into anymore. I feel like she is slipping away. I need fast work without getting screwed up.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the members of the forum and let us know a bit about yourself and what your experience is and what aspects of magick you are interested in:

It is one of the few rules around these parts.

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Thank you for posting your intro :+1:

As far as a “fast” love/lust spell, time is very relative in magick and there are so many variables involved that it is very difficult to determine what will and will not bring about a result quickly. Some on here have had great results with Sallos within weeks and others have not had any results within months. Some have had phenomenal results with a simple candle spell in days and others have used poppet magick and had results in hours.

However, no matter what method you use, the spell still has obstacles to overcome, and you still have to move on the opportunity presented to you so the time factor will vary.

As for circles, you don’t really have to worry about that because, from your description, you are not performing a full evocation.

What are you doing with Sallos? Are you just opening his sigil? That would explain the energetic effect you described.


It is not necessary to perform a full evocation. Chanting his enn until you are in a meditative state, followed by issuing the task, is sufficient. When you call the spirit, the spirit comes.


You can also try this


For most magick to work fast you have to be able to detach from the outcome so it can do the work.

Without that detachment its like your trying to shoot a cannonball with it chained to the cannon. It may break the chain and hit on or near target or it may loop back on itself. Hence everyone else taking notice of you except intended.


Thanks for your reply! I’ve burnt a candle, burned sandlewood insence, with a drawing of his sigil. I put my blood on his sigil. I have no idea what his enn is. Funny thing is, I’ve read this site for a while now. Decided to register today. There maybe slight movement in my situation since I signed up! I have access to a woods I wanted to do something with Sallos. Especially in the day. I think maybe I should. I don’t know what to offer him though.

Did you actually open his sigil?

Thank you! I’ve noticed that too. I’ve worked different methods and seen movement after I thought about other stuff.

I feel stupid on this. What do you mean by opening? Sorry.

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Here is a list of demonalatry enns and the one for Sallos is among them. Just remember that they are a modern invention and that not every demon has one.

Open his sigil as explained in the link and chant his enn.

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Thanks. I understand that connection with these beings is like plugging into a power plant. I feel juiced! I must clarify that I usually get women I want. I’ve invested in my self. It’s just this one gnaws at my core. She’s a challenge.

Thanks DarkestKnight! I feel Sallos is drawing me to him with guidance from members like you! So this electric feeling is normal? I feel erotic, enlightened,etc. Hard to explain.

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Thanks Arianna! I’ve worked some candle stuff and seen slight movement in the past. Your suggestion is a different technique. It sounds workable. I already have the material from 3 months of practicing things. I’m going to use it.

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Thanks Dinmiatus! I understand that. I’ve read that so many times about “set it, and forget it”. I worry about the part it comes back and smacks you though.

Thank you! I believe that.

Thank you Severian_ Appolos! So that must be the electric I feel.

You could be saying anything in the demonic tongue :stuck_out_tongue:
Does anyone know the meaning of the demonic inns??

No, but it seems to work. You just keep doing it, and things change.