Black Magick?

I found these polished shoes pointing at my house from the alley this morning and I know my neighbours do magick from the ouija board and other ceremonial things I’ve seen in their house. What does this mean? I’m also aware this could be a burglar or just something random but said I’d ask you for your opinions and what to do about it!

There are a pair of mens and womens shoes and my partner and I are male and female.

I’ve had some experience with black magick in the past due to my father and want to make sure I can keep it at bay if that’s the route it’s going.!



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I feel as though only a psychic could be able to say for sure the intent of anyone that put those there. I notice that the surroundings are damp so perhaps that nixes my thought that perhaps they could have been put there to dry in the sun.

Instead of even seeking answers as to why the shoes are there and because we know that humans can throw curses for basically no reason I think that you should be proactive and start doing a few protection spells on your home and yourself and partner.

Simple stuff like charging water with salt and ammonia through chants and incantations and mopping out+thoroughly cleaning your home including windows door and steps outside.

Doing LBRP etc.

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Clear and concise answer! Yeah in this instance I feel like being proactive is the best option. Thank you for the advice, will proceed with that.

They’re perfectly dry and you may not be able to see in the pic but have a high shine on them!

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yes i do see the shine on them…what is the relationship like between you and the neighbours? had a row or tiff recently with them?

Not as such but it’s just a strange relationship is as best I can describe it. We’ve had wilted flowers lain out at the entrance of our courtyard before also while I was away for the night and were gone hours later. As far as I’m aware only 3-4 families have access to our front door as it’s behind another main entrance so it’s not a stretch to assume its the same people.

On another note our house is great but since we moved in there are strange happenings here (doesn’t bother me) mostly kettle boiling itself at night and things coming on and off of their own accord! Nothing seems ill willed however. I’m fairly new to magick aside from my childhood so it just rubbed me up the wrong way seeing those there this morning, and they’re still there! Should I move them after the LBRP?

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Yes I know those kind of relationships I have had a few in the past all in one neighbourhood spanning years. I feel like even if the strange happenings do not bother you they may be indicative of an overall spiritual attack which may end up very much bothering you. I think you should definitely search these forums and wait for more replies to this topic to get ideas on what to do to put a stop to these strange happenings and any curse etc. that may have been set.

If the shoes were on your doorstep I think it would be another matter entirely and you would be justified in moving them. However, since technically they aren’t on your property I would not touch them. Maybe others may say move them and have the tips facing the wall to cancel any possible spell but my thinking is if you do the proper protection and cleansing all evil spells will be cancelled.


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You’ve been most helpful and I really appreciate the advice, I will continue to get some more advice and research the topic but have some peace of mind for the moment. Thanks again

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I think they are just shoes and nothing more