Powerful Love Ritual

I have one question… For example:- What if i use this spell for myself to get my ex girlfriend back…you said It can cause even suicide… If she left me again before ive time for breakup spell… Is this means the caster also have a possibility to die… Is that right??

Anyone could help me casting this? I am depressed trying to get my ex back, but i dont speak english fluent, i only write, please , i am getting bad day by day. i have depression since 11 years, and this without him is getting worse i think about suicide everyday, i miss him so much, tryied many things in portuguese but nothing works, anyone please?? Dont judge me please

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Meditate before trying to do a spell and meditate after your spells are done. I believe and many people have told me that meditation helps with the manifestation of spells. I have read that Friday nights is the best time to cast any spell or ritual for love. Be positive and do not doubt your spells! I hope this helps!


Is it okay if i perform it with a pink candle instead of a red one? (i currently cannot get the red one)

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Well I am reviving the topic, I am thinking of doing this spell out in a field, would it be ok to draw the heartogram on dirt/sand and let the flames burn in there? How big does the candle have to be? can I take the pictures away before the candle has finished burning?.

If anyone would like to assist me during the cast, I’d be gladly happy

I would like to know this as well. Because I totaly love a Man for 20 Years now and I love him how he is. I tryed a Ritual with another Demon (do not remember her Name but it Begins with a S and she is mentioned as a Comander in Chief here) but it did not seem to work. So it would realy help me if it would be possible to do this Ritual (if I can do it as a bloody Beginner) with the Change as discribed above. I can not send PM for some Reason so plelase write back to me, thank you

Another success


Did mine almost a week ago, I’ll renew it for 2 different targets today hahaha and see where that leaves us! :smiley:

I will be doing this when I feel a little better. I’m so depressed from a break up that I can’t sleep and eat.

I also found out he has been talking to other girls now… Do we have a spell to make him avoid talking to girls… thank you for anyone who will answer…

Hi any results?

Hey dude, I just wanted to say I been hella browsing this forum and your contributions have been awesome! I’m sorry if I was rude when I first started on here. I hope you accept my apology.

Thanks for the posts. You rock! \m/

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Another Update
For those of you who may have seen my other update posts. This spell DOES work.
HOWEVER they really do change a person.
And you too … and the consequences can really be severe … however i also had been practicing other things as well…
Buttttttt my lover ended up “snapping” he was talking about suicide … and went to a mental ward for 5 weeks … I know other things played into this as well (just with him personally) … however … you must take into precaution that serious things really can happen.

I ended up doing an Aphrodite love spell removal. And he broke up with me in the next morning…while he was still in the hospital… all I could say was “youre welcome…” and he came home maybe a few days later

We were only broken up for about a week. Then… he actually came back … on his own … and actually … I’ve come to realize that I love him even more. without the spells .
Real character in his voice. His emotions . Everything real… and all him… what I fell inlove with from the start. And turns out … he can love me . without magick

Now im not gonna say this is a bad spell . It really does connect you … but there are definitely other things that come with it .
ESPECIALLY if this isn’t your first love spell on said person . BEWARE OF CLUTTER

Hope you all take my experiences into consideration .


May I ask - after you did the spell, did you forget about it and not lust about the spell.

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I mean i tried not to. I watched TV, cleaned, cooked spent time with a friend … although I don’t suggest this spell . Consequences can be very severe …


What do you mean by clutter?

This sounds beautiful and intense. I’ve had a horrendous experience with the one and only binding spell I’ve done but I’m glad this is here for others!


Someone is passing off this ritual on a different site without giving @C.Kendall credit!

A pox on them, I say!

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Sadly, that’s the hazard of posting things on an open forum. A YouTube channel called Satania is passing off the angelic language mantra for the senses that former member @Micah channelled from Meton as their own, and even dressed it up to sound “demonic” lol

There is also a guy on Amazon who gathered up the “4 Incantations for Limitless Power” that EA released on the forum, slapped them into a Kindle ebook, and sells it as his own work.

I’m sure there is a ton of stuff on this forum that others have ripped off without giving credit.