Looking for help to bring my ex back please!l?

Hello guys,

I’m new on the forum., im looking for help from some of you who knows the things.
Let’s start from the begginig.
We broke up with my boyrfiend 5 months ago, from the first month I was trying to bring him back, with trusted ritualist, we were doing love spell together with my blood to Aphrodite also break up spell cause he is in new relationship. She was checking him every 3-4 weeks how is going the situation. So basically he is feeling the results of the magick but he is really stubborn he is thinking about me, dreaming about me but nothing else. After 3 months there is no result, and he is still with this girl. So then i tried with another trusted ritualist which is using demons. We made love spell again with my blood to Amon and Sitri together also to Leraje to break up his relationship…after 1,5month there is not any result even not a little sign…please can someone help me??? I can pay…doesn’t matter for me…but im resiously looking for help…im loosing hope…

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Welcome @Maryjane It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest,e etc:


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just my 2 cents here, but maybe your hope and happiness shouldnt be correlated with the possibility of being with another human you have romantic feelings for.

that being said, i do not specialise in love spells, but you could do by yourself, take a picture of the man you love and focus your feelings of love towards him psychically, with mental focus and energy, focus your feelings of love and concentrate, repeating affirmations within with conviction


I’m doing this also every day, im taking his picture and telling him about my feelings and also what „he need to do” let’s say…but there is nothing…and as I said the ritualist saying that he is feeling the result of magick like he is thinking about me, dreaming…had even sexual fantasies about me but there is not sign…

Things can take a long time and sometimes it’s not met to be. They may lead you to bigger and better. Maybe he’s just not the one.

That’s my opinion.

Please do introduction as @DarkestKnight Asked

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the person is telling you this is happening, or have you had proof? how much did you pay if you dont mind sharing, helps to know if you been scammed

Yes the ritualist is saying me this, the first one which we made ritual to Aphrodite she is reading from his photo, she said that he is feeling this what i mentioned before. The other one where we used demons she was doing tarot reading she just said that rituals are working but they need time…there is still nothing…in total for both I paid around 300£…

seems like a fair price, but its hard to trust someone elses word on rituals just anywhere still, anyway id give it some time, remember that when you are using love magick, you are intruding in someone elses life and thoughts, forcing them to develop feelings for you, to some level controlling them, people dont like that so if they got a strong will, they will resist

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Basically she told me that he is really stubborn and I really need to give this time to „break him” let’s say but is like already 3 month after first ritual, do you think is still need more time? Or maybe some stronger ritual? That’/s why im looking for help here, maybe someone could check him, like tarot or scan the photo…whatever?

someone could check sure, im not, but someone, and if you wish to post photo then someone can scry

if any of good soul can check him i will be more than greatful, but so far I just got answers from you

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Lusting for results can hinder them as well. Just saying that happens quite often. Seen it here quite often.

Ok I’m out now. :v:


@Maryjane I edited your title because it is against the rules of this forum to offer to pay for magical services, which opens you up for scammers and trolls to take advantage. It is also against the rules for anyone to offer such services.

Please also be aware that posting the photo of a target of magical spells without their permission can get the owners of this forum into legal trouble, so the photo you posted was removed. Do not post it again.


is it?

i did not know that

Introduce yourself as the Knight told you.

Then, here, I wrote a tutorial on this one:

This aren’t the only ways you can do it, there other spirits (Amon, La Santa Muerte) that can help you, but it is a start.

I’m really sorry about that, thNk you for let me know, I introduce myself already :blush:

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The only people allowed to offer magical services for money on the forum are those who work directly with BALG and @C.Kendall is the only one with that privilege currently. Others can put links to their own site offering services in their profile, but not on the public forum.

As for photos:

While only cursing is specifically mentioned, love spells can be considered such if the person in question has no interest, and declaring intent to put a spell on someone can be taken as a threat.

Also, remember this forum is open to a Google search, and people may not take too kindly to their photo being on an occult website.

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Ok I understand everything thank you for removed the photo and sorry again…0


Maybe some other person then your spell caster could have a look on their situation.

Also, you have to trust, no doubts and you shouldn’t lust for the results, which means, that you have to be calm about the situation and don’t make your happiness dependent on fast results. I know - it’s annoying. :sweat_smile:

Sometimes, or quite often, it takes time unfortunately.

Do you know anyone who can check the situation for me ?