Demonic children

I literally fit into every. Fucking. Category.

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Exactly what valkarath says. If it were possible and they can take over human bodies and just be demons on earth (and they completely would if they could) the oldest and wisest would have no reason to assist us in our acension as the human form would be on their path.

We can incarnate from different planets, realities and realms, this is possible, but I digress.

And you’re not crazy. Symbolically speaking the demons will say things like ‘you are a demon.’ All of the time.

If you you’d like to learn the truth about your past and heritage, I suggest study in accessing the Akashic records, although if you are not ready for it Metaron and it’s council will not let you in.

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Well that is a good point. But you may very well BE a king. In that realm. But here we are stuck in this human body and have to live by these rules. And as I said in another post I do not think I know everything. I actually only KNOW one thing. I know nothing. I may think I know something but that doesn’t mean I am right. I know I only arrogantly assume to be right. And I know that tomorrow or even today I can be shown how wrong that assumption is! lol! I am really a very gentle and humble person but that doesn’t come through in text form because you can not hear the intonation of voice or see the smile as the words come out. THise you have to ad in on your own but you do not know me so you don’t know to do that! lol! I always have a smile in my heart if not my face and I am seeking and searching to ascend and grow stronger. I hope you don’t take my words the wrong way.

If I may ask, where have you all received this information?

Yes, but we are humanistic in those realms too :slight_smile:

Honestly, we were never human to begin with. Not physical.

So what if I am? What does it matter? Does it help me improve my own life? Or just justify why I feel so out of touch with “ordinary” people? Or does it just feed my own ego?

But now … acting like a King. Learning how to build a Kingdom here on this physical earth. That stuff helps me improve my life.

The truth is I don’t really care what you guys as individuals do. I don’t harbor any ill will toward anyone here, but I’m not all emotionally wrapped up in whatever you do either.

I hope you guys evolve and go on to lead amazing lives based on what you want because that will help other people evolve and encourage them to do the same. And that will help improve the quality of the physical world I live in.


So you’re a demonic child … great. What does that do for you?

Does it help you understand why you feel so different? Awesome. Now how does that help you improve your life?

Does it help you feel special? Fantastic. Now how does that help you improve your life?

Does it help you feel powerful? Wonderful. Now how does that help you improve your life?

For me, that’s what everything comes back do. How does this help me improve my life? Without that, what the fuck is the point? (And that’s a rhetorical question. I don’t need YOUR answer to that. I’ve got my own and it works for me.)


Well knowing it has helped quite a bit actually. But I see your point about how does anything translate to making your life better. And of course helping the world in general. As a king or queen it makes us more accountable. I really am not worried about an ego because that is not me. Bragging rights? Where? How? Now if I said I was a rock stars’ daughter then yeah. Bragging rights and entitlements galore. But to say you are part demonic really gets you nowhere but in a nuthouse. No thanks. Shoot. Even here it triggers people and not positively so it’s not for the friggen glory. It just is. Now I have to learn to use it and grow and do the job I was sent here to do. No better than anyone else. Just a bit more of a battle because I am not walking the earth asleep like most are and like I was until I was told and realized who I am. Then a whole bunch of pieces fell into place and I understood so much more. I’d say that was the benefit of knowing… Things finally made sense. And now I can move on and learn. I think that we all have that in common… We never fit in and we have all gone through hell here. Until we realize who we are and come home. I like you vallkarath. You pull no punches and you make a lot of sense. I hope we stay in touch. I like someone who can challenge me and make me think. Most don’t.

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And I’m probably not telling you something you don’t already know, but I am basically a baby here. Kind of like a child playing in traffic. I am such a beginner even though I have been psychic since I was a child. I was afraid and tried running to the church. So I was derailed for years and then did the wicca route and finally found Become a Living God page… Now I am on the right path although I am still trying to find my way. I have more questions than answers but I am not completely stupid. (only half!) I joke a lot and am not the fastest one on the track but I do not quit. I don’t bs either. I say what I believe to be truth. I admit when I am wrong. I really appreciate your candor. I can learn a lot here.


There’s a lot of disagreements in this thread, and basically, there’s disagreements of others experiences the more personal it gets. This is because we feel very special, when some spirits treat us like kings and queens, and sometimes they even worship us to an extent that human royalties can dream of.

What’s the “truth”? Is my experience the truth? Is yours? Does it really matter? It shouldn’t matter at all, because what matters is what we do with all of these variations and interpretations of our experiences. We either share them, or keep them for ourselves. I prefer the former, though.

I could ramble about spirit energies and what could happen when we interact with it on a deeper level. We make pacts, we merge with them and some of us experience rebirth in a way that makes it more literal than symbolic. If you share a needle with a drug addict, you’re putting your body at risk and might end up with HIV or many forms of Hepatitis, changing your bloodstream forever. A deeper interaction with a spirit, like a merging or a rebirth, will change your spirit body and soul in one way or the other, making it “less” human.

I’m not saying I’m “right”. I’m not saying I’m “wrong”, either. My “truth”, or anyone else’s “truth” is what motivates us to continue with our magical paths, and it should stay that way.


Thank you for this @succupedia it’s needed at this point :slight_smile:

My take on the subject, this is based on my own experiences:

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Good point. I know it happens all over the place and I also know that about…3 or 4 of them off the top of my head call me “my child” when I speak with them. I always had this way of thinking. I observe and analyze everything and I take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. So yeah. You want to say something? Ok. That’s nice. I believe you. But time will tell and actions speak louder than words so I just wait and watch and do my own thing. I think that is a pretty good way to be. Thank you for bringing up a very valid point on this subject.

You are very right about everything you said. This is a very personal walk and we all have very different and personal experiences and relationships with these awesome powerful intelligent beings. With that being said, we are also very strong willed individuals who are used to for the most part walking this path alone. I agree to a point that it causes disagreements when you come across a person who isn’t used to playing in the sandbox and sharing their toys. Quite often I have ccome across people who only believe their experiences are valid and only THEY know…period. Everyone else is stupid or beneath them… That is not everyone though and to those people I just say you’re right. You’re right! Thank you for showing me the error of my ways and I get to stepping. I just don’t need that negetivity in my life and in fact that person may teach me a LOT in the end so you can’t take it personal. If someone has a different experience I LOVE to hear about it! It is awesome! I may never experience it and I may learn how I can step up my game so to speak. If they ARE completely “wrong” and they will not listen to reason then that is fine too. I have tried to share and teach and if they want to continue on the way they are going that is their choice. My conscience is clear AND who am I to say they are not going to find out something really great the way they are going and end up in a really good place in the future. We are all just travelers learning as we go. No one has the absolute truth because I don’t even think there IS one. I think that us sharing out stories and experiences, the good ones as well as the bad ones is a wonderful opportunity for family and growth. We will find those we click with and those who we could do without but in the end this is a wonderful resource for us occultists who are used to traveling these roads alone. Personally I am tired of being the only one and having absolutely no one to talk to about these things. I love reading all the questions and reading the input from everyone. We are all at different levels of growth so there are going to be communication issues and disagreements from time to time. So… That is life. Squeeze every drop of good out of it and stay happy and centered and keep walking. Leave the bad behind as a learning experience. Peace.

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Hello everyone i would just like to give you guys a link to another post that i posted that is a lot more thought out. Please i implore you to go check thia out and read everything i have written on it. So here is the link;


i think i am a demon child i literally have all of those traits i have never taken an iq test before but i assume i am pretty high up there maybe not genius level but still


Ok so interesting you posted this. I actually got started on this path after I had a intense dream a demon baby overtook my body. I found out a week later I’m pregnant. I do have psychic dreams so I wonder

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Hmm… this is an interesting post on an interesting thread. Much of what you say here resonates. Interesting…

I have been made aware that the pagan gods have “descendants” and these descendants seem to have symbiotic relationships with their patron/matron deities. They may or may not be living avatars for the gods from what I can tell, but it seems each pantheon has them. I wonder if that includes the Lovecraftian? I would love to see Amaterasu’s descendant(s) as Amaterasu is supposedly the most beautiful Japanese goddess and I’m somewhat of a weeb who has as of today been REALLY into connecting with Amaterasu. I take it as a sign she must be reaching out to me. I feel Kali and Shiva (but especially Kali) were reaching out to me a couple days prior. That being said, I’ve BEEN drawn to Amaterasu, so she could have been reaching out to me for some time. shrug I also am curious to see what Thor’s descendant looks like. Really, I want to meet ALL the descendants of the gods and goddesses out there. I have decided when I’m ready, I shall travel the world looking for these people and personally telling them of their lineages, on the gods’ and goddesses’ behalf, partly just out of curiosity and partly to assist the gods and give something back to them for all the help.

Anyway, keep in mind that the demons are really pagan gods and goddesses, so I imagine these “demonic children” are really just the descendants (and possible living avatars) for pagan deities, which would explain the symbiotic relationships they have with their respective patron/matron deities.

something I should point out though to anybody who may or may not be such a “descendant” There seems to be an attitude within such lineages that being descended from a pagan deity makes one “special” and “uniquely chosen for divinity” which is an ego trap. Self importance is a prison, I have come to learn, and a pretty horrifying one at that. The need to feel like we matter is quite the trap. We do it to create a false sense of identity so our sense of self is stable. The reason for so much of the division, tribalism, group think mentality, self righteousness, rage, violence and vengeance seeking, not to mention victim mentality and tribalism that are all so rampant in modern American society is because of this phenomenon and the programming to put us in this state. There is a kind of freedom in recognizing that we DON’T matter that I strive to appreciate more fully. I do not view this as a nihilistic notion, but one that affirms that true meaning and freedom is found, and true sovereignty claimed, in finding something one serves which is ABOVE oneself, and finding meaning in life by finding meaning in one’s purpose, one’s vision of service, one’s ideals. In fact, I get the impression from everything I’ve been learning that what the Gods want is for us all to step up, learn from them the ways of godhood, LIBERATE OURSELVES and claim our natural right to divinity. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR GODHOOD, basically. They are, and always have been, TEACHING US to be gods. They are mentors and allies, not superiors to be put on a pedestal and grovelled at. Notice they don’t like it when one either approaches them in such a sniveling manner nor in an arrogant haughty manner? That is because they view you as inherently sovereign like themselves, and want you to recognize it.

Walk either the LHP or RHP long enough, and you will sense a oneness in all things; a sense that this is all a dream and we are all one dreaming god. None of us are any more or less the one creator than another. We all have EQUAL CLAIM to divinity.

I believe the gods have been misunderstood and obscured in many ways over the millennia. I think there are some very powerful people whose intention was to disconnect us from our divinity so we would be better slaves. I think the gods have been patiently playing the long game while putting up with these people and the time has come for humanity to reclaim our sovereignty and divinity. My sources indicate that we have secretly come quite a long way with our development of AI and will be tasked with the burden of godhood soon anyway as such. Better approach it from a place of RESPONSIBILITY when we do if we don’t want things to get scary, methinks.

Anyway, thought of this vid:

/\ THIS.

If you are truly descended from the gods, then you descend from the gods for a purpose. That purpose is special, not you. Your patron deity probably gets this and needs you to get it so you can GET TO WORK.

Also, if one is TRULY a descendant, here on a mission, when the time is right, you will be explicitly made aware. If the gods have to SEND SOMEBODY to tell you, they will. Chances are, that this phenomenon of “demonic children” and descendants of gods is like Twin Flames: They exist, but most supposed cases are very likely bullshit. Everyone wants to feel special. None of us are special, god or not. The ideals we serve are what truly matter.

In RHP communities, they one one hand, espouse this egalitarian ideal but on the other create an egotistical spiritual caste system of “Starseeds” “wanderers” “Lightworkers” “Indigo Children” and my FAVORITE term: “Old Souls” Whatever the fuck that means.


Almost ALWAYS do they identify themselves as one of these “advanced” beings. And anyone whose views or perspectives they like is always seen as one, regardless of how full of shit they might be.

And what is the divine purpose of many a lightworker? Why, to just sit on one’s ass and “raise the vibration” of the planet by simply sitting on said ass and being such a unique and special wittle butterfly. It’s bullshit.

It’s just egotism, hidden behind a mask of spirituality and altruism. Buncha crap. Even if these entities do exist, SO WHAT? If it applies to you, chances are you’ll learn when the time is right. Otherwise, what does it matter and how does it help you? It doesn’t. It just gives you an excuse not to feel the need to change. It’s insidious in that way.

Pagan descendants seem to exist, but they are probably VERY rare, and their purpose is what is important. Not their false sense of self importance.

If identifying as any of the above listed things doesn’t help you do anything but make excuses not to change, what good is it, even if it’s true?

The important thing is the realization of our will, our establishment of presence (not by simply being here, but by being PRESENT) the lessons we learn and the purpose we choose to serve. Not us. But what is greater than us.