Im in deep trouble and need help

Hi everyone, i know all these might sound wierd but, i recently lost all my money to sport betting, i cant even feed, talk more of pay. My tuition fee. Now i need anyone of you here to please help me predict correct scores of matches to get my money back and get me back on my feet again


Hi everyone, I know this may sound weird but I recently lost all of my money shooting Horse up my arms. Now I need anyone of you here to please help me get some more Horse until I can get back on my feet again. Crowley was the one who got me hooked, more or less.



Please, do your introduction first, before you post anything else again.

I’m sorry for your loss.

In my opinion, after this big loss, you should learn from your mistake, and didn’t jump into it again. Find someone who can support you in this case financially, to get you back on your feet. Although this whole story is… illogical. If you’re lost all of your money, why would you need correct numbers?

Furthermore, you should get rid of this addiction as well, as soon as possible. There are lot of people who are lost more than their money; some of them lost also their own houses, friends, family and their health.


I dabbled in using divination to succeed at sports betting, but I ended up losing all 10 dollars that I put in. So, I’m not sure that it can be done.


I think therein lies the problem. If we learn anything in magick it’s focusing your attention and desiring something so strongly you need to want it more than the air you breathe. Addictions and dabbling have no real desire attached, while gambling is a desire it doesn’t come from the right thoughts. It controls you, you dont control it. Dabbling is no better really. Ther’s no conviction in the action so failure will follow. You got to want it, really want it.
My 2c’s worth.


Well than Abra Kadabra and the prosperity spell is cast for eternity…


My friend if we could do that and be 100% accurate for gambling we would all be very rich and having simple lives.

But sadly that is not true, though with time you may develop the ability if you work hard at magick.

I suggest you try reading the posts here about money magick people did that worked for them, it is not about predicting gambling but it is things that helped people with no money:

If you are quite new to magick there will be words and phrases used there that you do not understand yet, that is okay, just post in this thread to ask for explanations.

Also please post an intro about yourself as @Nagash explained here. :+1:


You’re right, it was an addiction, i made a few profits, and voila, i put all my money in it, it was all gone in a second, thanks very much,

But i dont know where i can seek financial help though😪


You can’t repeat the same mistake and expect a different outcome. Forget about gambling.

Work with spirits that can bring you resources or opportunities to make money. Saint expedite is well known for that purpose and he works fast.

Search YT for more information about him. Also check the post suggested by Lady_Eva in her reply. Good luck :+1:


Which Sport do you bet on? I do football mostly, and dog race.

And to get you back on track, can you prepare charm yourself? Something Africa. You would be able to see the game yourself, who will winning and who will lose, and even get correct score.

Also, if you are well advanced in occultism I can send a Spirit to you whose Office is about Sport Betting. You may have him appeare to you via a crystal or mirror or astrally. He won’t come physically.

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I have also tried divination regarding gambling with the lotto and Scratchers from $1 to $30. In over two weeks and putting in $100 i got my money back and on the final bet i won a dollar and then quit. Devination will help but there are just too many variables to really win or win big.



That’s bullshit.

Trying to make back lost money,
is the safest and fastest way,
to completely fall into the addiction of lucky games.

There’s only one way, that will actually save your ass:


I’ve seen what you can loose.

Declare it as an Sacrifice,
and investigate yourself fully - and i mean fully - into something completely different.

Never try to outrun your luck again.

Else, i can’t help you.

Luck-gaming is designed to break and weaken people.

The complete gaming system is riged against it’s costumers,
and anyone who’s serious in understanding circumstance,
propability and magick,
will tell you,
that what i just explained to you is completely true.

The best chances, you can ever have in any gaming enviourment,
start below 49%, and go down.

The Bank / or house, ALWAYS WINS AGAINST YOU!!!




It is a sorrowful thing to the fire, when it is sat upon. Even more sorrowful to the suffering of the one who sat upon it.
But shameful is the one who jumps back into the fire and blames it for burning.
A rough lesson is coming
But take courage. It will get better, just stay out of the fire.

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Okay, while I agree with the comments above. (Gambling is folly") I know people well, you are not going to quit. So I will offer you some advice. First off, don’t bet on other people. (sports, horseracing, greyhound, etc.) Pick something where you can actually bet on luck or yourself. I gamble occasionally. I play blackjack and poker. I have very strong intuition. I know when to bet and when not to. You should develop this. If you play anything you need to know as much or more as the people playing. If you play poker you should look up pokerstars tutorials. This will teach you how to think like a pro would. is also quite good. Second take your emotions out of it

This shows me you are too emotional and have no restraint. These people are never good at anything usually because there emotions get in the way of their brain. Your intuition is useless without emotional control.
Finally, separate you money into two classes, The first is what you need to live on, the second is what you can use to gamble. Please do not take me as being hard on you. I have seen your type before. Right now you cannot pay the rent, next you will be dining with shilocks. You do not want that. I sadly doubt you will listen to my advice or thiers. Do not look for the easy way out. I am not telling you to quit gambling, just control it. I wish you the best of luck. I hope this helps in some way.


Thank you @The-Shadow,
good advice given there.




Bravo! I used to play blackjack and the slots and learned that lesson the hard way. In the end no matter how lucky you are the casino will always get it back as the odds are in there favor.


Sorry for what happened to you, some good books you could read to help out. Henry archer, damon brand, john ketter and some others they have some good books on money magick and changing your mind set.

If any one spirit could give you 10 million $ by tomorrow then no one would work with the other spirits.


Unless you can count cards don’t ever gamble.

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On betting and many other things we can do in life

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Always spend your money wisely on bets. Only bet money that you can spare, never bet more than you can afford to lose