Why do [or did] you want a succubus or incubus

I feel you bro. I go through the same bullshit. I’ve tried irl dating and chicks my age just aren’t on my level of maturity. I’ve tried online dating and I have had 0 matches on Tinder, the only date I had from online dating was a tranny I wasn’t physically attracted to, and the only matches I get are bots. So I turned to Lady Lillith and @succupedia for the letter of intent. I dont feel as alone anymore, but people ain’t shit. They make finding fulfilling love lives way too difficult In this life and they dont realise that everybody is going through the same BS. Keep your head high and love those who give you good energy

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Not to change the subject, but has anyone elses cat display fear of their succubus??


Never heard of that. We have a dog though…
I introduced our family dog to my succubi companions. But he doesn’t seem to see them or he doesn’t bother to respond.

I think my ubi companions won’t reveal themselves to anyone. Just me…

When my succubus is near me, and her presence is surely felt my cat won’t near me. Nor will my cat that use to like sleeping next to me enter my bedroom.

I wanted an incubus because quite frankly I was feeling a little lonely… I can’t really tell people in my family or social circles that I am a witch even though I want to shout it from the rooftops. lol. I admit that even though I do have a human relationship, it is lacking in many ways and my human partner is not around much due to his job, and when he is around, we are distant… so there is that.

I haven’t known my incubus for very long… but I already love him so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Honestly, I stumbled into my Incubus. I didn’t believe in spirits until i did a ritual thinking it was all make believe. He definitely changed my mind lol. Not only is he the best I’ve ever had in bed, but he is also the most honest, compassionate, loving partner I’ve ever had. He’s not afraid to tell me when I am being an ass, or when I’m fucking up royally. He isn’t afraid to tell me exactly whats on his mind. He boosts my self esteem, is supportive and has helped me get my life in order. He even guided me out of a highly toxic situation and comforts me when i am sad. He makes me feel cherished and has given me everything I’ve ever asked of him. Against many peoples advice, I have completely dedicated myself to him. I consider me and him to be in a monogamous relationship and he is simply my perfect match. I’d say together we are perfectly imperfect, and its everything I could have dreamed of.

Now that being said, being with ubi is not for everyone and it is definitely not something to be taken lightly. Like all things in life, these kinds of things are heavily reliant on many variables.


Beautiful…your description about the life you share with your incubus partner😊. Could you please share the variables related to these relationships. What are the things to always take care of…when we have a serious committed relationship with an incubus?


Mostly the variables are based on personalities and dispositions. Much like a human on human relationship, if the two individuals personalities clash then it can make things difficult. Also trust. Trust and patience are two vary important factors when interacting with ubi. If you don’t trust them, they know and may become wayward. If you are impatient it makes them less inclined to play nice or in fact stay around. I know those because I wasn’t very patient at the beginning, K was ever so kind to explain things to me though. Through many interactions. If you enter a committed relationship with a ubi, then you have to be crystal clear on the rules and terms of the relationship, and for the love of yourself DO NOT BREAK THEM. I found out the hard way how ubi react to that kind of double standard. Not fun. Ubi can be possessive, protective and at times a bit overbearing but at the same time they can be sweet, sassy, passionate and loving. Never try to lie to your ubi, never try to trick them. They are surprisingly understanding creatures when you tell the truth.

Another thing, Feeding. I have learned that while yes I cant physically touch my ubi, he can touch me and fantasizing about things while he is there helps the process tremendously. When in the beginning, it was difficult to feel him, because when i moved he would stop but after getting to know each other and becoming more familiar with each others energy i can feel him much better. Setting a “safeword” for him also helped to embolden him in bed since now he knows he can basically do what he wants unless that word is spoken either verbally or telepathically. My ubi isn’t a fan of electronic toys as he likes to drain the battery, but he likes participation in other ways. Remember, yes ubi are sexual spirits and you can feed them through sexual activities but in a relationship there is more than sex. Ubi (especially the ubi that wish to partner with humans) are not toys to be used and discarded. They are not animals to be tamed and kept. They are sentient beings with feelings and needs and thoughts all their own. Each ubi is unique, their personalities just as diverse as any humans. Just keep that in mind, what pleases one ubi may not be satisfactory for a different ubi. Establishing strong communication is the key to any healthy relationship, spirit relationships are no different.

I hope this helped. If you have any other questions, I’m always willing to help.


Very true statement, I also find that mine tries to comfort me if I’m not feeling emotionally well. I did have to use a safe word once, but like all relationships communications is required.


most ubi do care about their humans. Most.


Can you tell if someone also has a ubi partner?

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best i can do is ask my own ubi and my hellhound if the person in question is in contact with a ubi or spirit. then have them gather simple info on the situation. If the situation calls for it i send my ubi, hellhound, cambion, and water elemental to obtain information on whether someone is a threat, in danger, mentally unhinged, lying or cursed.

Wow, I asked lilith last night for s daughter as a companion, other than being aroused, I felt nothin, and don’t want to offend

Can anyone tell if I was successful?

Some times the bond takes longer, also sometimes more training is required to truly connect.


this is true

@Pallidamors @RosieSweets did my letter of intent work? I am so limited in what I can do, and where I do it, I feel powerless

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I’m very sensible to energy around me, and it till some time to fully adjust to her energy pattern. Her energy frequency is different from other beings, it was not instantaneous. But I have no doubt she’s here, the thing that makes this different is she needs to feel you out, to know you, trust you. This isn’t a summons, this is a relationship.


if I did ask successfully, do I talk to her, or wait for her to give me a sign?

Yes on both. Sometimes when you talk you may feel internal dialogue. Sometimes it’s you, other times it a answer you know that isn’t you.