Does anyone know if you can store information on sigils??

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I might be able to help you but I don’t really understand what you mean

Depends sigils are ment for certain purposes

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Sigils can be of 2 types
Spirit sigils
Custom made sigils for specific purposes

Which type are you asking?

Maybe yes… instead of verbalizing a purpose, the information to store may be verbalized. Also, watching/hearing/etc. something and drawing a sigil to the same effect.

Not to be a wiseass, but that is usually accomplished by writing. There was a time when reading and writing was considered an act of magic. Our alphabet is a set of runes.

A custom sigil could certainly be used to create a mental link to certain information that you want to call up later. That would be a style of cryptography. Creating the sigil would probably burn the information into your memory.

Now I want to experiment with this idea. Maybe you could get good at photographic memory using such a method.

Yes this is some thing that would create a sort of shortcut is what I imagined it to be

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Thank you guys for your replies now what I imagine by asking this question was to like store info into a Sigil forget about it (because you know to much info can drive you nuts) and have a certain word key that you have say to remember that sigil but you would not know the info yet until you gaze into the sigil again, But of course anyone who is an expert in such a method?