Has anyone been initiated into Palo Mayombe?

I have been cut into Palo and simply put nobody can just start practicing Palo. Ive received two Rayamientos and years of cultivating knowledge in these practices and I can tell you first hand even if you are a direct blood descendent from a Congo lineage you still have no license to work with the forces of Palo until a Rayamiento is officiated by a Tata and Yaya. Even kindoki practices will only give you limited access to that powerhouse of spirits.


All good!!!

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Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?

Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?

Okay thanks. Which country did you get initiated in?.

Please introduce yourself in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and your experience. It is one of the rules of this forum. Just click the link below:


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And you brought all the listed items above?


I’m an Ngueyo. No nganga yet. Not ready for one.

I have two godbrothers who recently got their ngangas. I have a godsister who is a yaya, who is 19 years old, and she has her own nganga. So it’s not impossible to find the items and fetishes that are required. With a House of experienced godsiblings, you’d get help finding the stuff you need.

But as someone already said here, you don’t need all the stuff in that list. Especially the Santeria stuff. There are different types of ngangas.


Okay. Thanks for explaining.

My country of birth, the United States.

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Do you have an nganga? If yes, were you able to get all the listed items above?

Every house is different. Everybody walks a somewhat different path, a Nganga is a technology that needs to be handled by someone who has a deep understanding of that technology. I am a Tata Nkisi Malongo and I will divulge this truth, no real Palero would ever share a real list of items used in a Nganga as that literally breaks the treaty of our initiation. I am going to divulge a second secret about Palo Mayombe, while many Tatas will wage war upon one another from house to house not all Paleros work based off of such machismo and the puffing of chest feathers, some are quiet and its the quiet one you have to be careful of and in this truth I will break my silence and share with you that in the true Mayombe community Carlos Montenegro is pretty much the biggest laughing stock of the community of Reglas de Congo.


Nsala Malecum!
I love how you explained this PaterOctavius888.


At my Rayamiento there were several other godbrothers and sisters that also got cut. One thing I’ll always remember is that one person got really freaked out and refused to come back into the room outside. There was a very large headless black rooster that was lying next to the Tata’s Nganga that STOOD UP AND WALKED TO THE DOOR of the shed and waited for the initiate to come back to the ceremony. As soon as the person came back into room (he had to walk by the rooster at the door too) that rooster WALKED back over to the pot and laid back down. Because the spirit of the Nganga had animated that rooster’s carcass looking for the run away 1/2 done initiate.


Your completely right.
We have no short cuts, often people will say I’ll do it like this or in my house. It’s not like that traditions are traditions and even if they are varied from house to house, there are always basics that need to be followed.
If you are not scratched then you shouldn’t be dealing with things you dont comprehend.
My godfather had a saying knock on the door before you come in. And learn to walk before you run.
It can be very dangerous if you start messing with things you dont understand or know about.

Find a good house a good tata become part of the family and in time when you prove your self to be a good god child the knowledge will come.

I will not give a prenda or nganga to any one who hasn’t been scratched for at least a year and even then a prenda takes a very very long time to make at least a couple of months if done right.
You are missing alot of stuff on that list and also have alot of stuff that a prenda doesn’t take.
This is a beautiful tradition a way of life but when done wrong or halfway it can have the opposite effect you are looking for.


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What is to be expected when getting rayamiento as a pino nuevo? I know a lot of it is not alowed to be disclosed but u dont have to get naked as part of the ceramony do u?

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@Viramundo2112 Ntondelé Mpangui Y Nsala Maleko!
@chris_garcia I would recommend that you ask that question to your Tata. Furthermore as an initiate into this beautiful tradition do what you can to let your initiation be a surprise, many will go online to try to obtain information on the initiation ceremony, just keep studying congo tradition but watch and listen to how your elders do things and do things their way to preserve this tradition in its beautiful and natural state.