How Do I Write A Petition?

How do I write a petition in the present that my wife loves me again and comes back to me?
Can you give some examples?
should i have only one wish?
I would like you to come back to me with love. That she longs for me. That we have sex again. That we are happy again.
she wants a divorce and does not talk to herself.
I made a petition with duke Sallos. She called but that was. Think that I did something wrong.
ask for quick help because we have a court date
How can I make time for a petition?

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I think it’s more like a request or a prayer . You can search here though .

You should continue with Duke Sallos👍

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can you please give me examples how to write this letter to duke sallos?

Nobody can help me??

First off, welcome to the forum! Please take the time to introduce yourself. It is one of the rules around here. Just click the link below and reply with your intro:

Second, if you look at the post above your first one, you will see a link to a petition tutorial that ably answers your question on how to write one.