Astarte Sex Slave Ritual

How do I pay in two installments? The checkout page doesnt allow me to do that

So basically during my petition I stated I wanted to have this girl in about a year. So as of now I’m on fire about growing spiritually and learning about the mask of Astarte.

So as of now still nothing , but ya only been 2 months.

If you use Pay Pal you can use the pay pal credit witch will give 6 months no interest. Then just divide the total by 6 and pay Pay Pal that much each month.
When checking out select Pay Pal then Pay Pal credit.

Then you collect the information for it and cast it out. :slight_smile:

Most probably you’d start invoking Astarte. :wink:



This spell was cast for me in late June / early July. I was told I may not see results for 6 months to 1 year. seriously!? If it’s so powerful, why does it take so long to get results?


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As to your post idk how new you are to magick but this is not hollywood. For long term results time and effort is needed. In part from the magick in part on the recipients to take action.

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Because shit takes time to manifest.


Maybe the spell is “over hyped” as someone said. Or maybe it’s all bullshit.

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@JustCurious Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


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I will say this, as much as I’ve been able to see with it; nothing has occurred. But honestly the desire is almost gone of what I had for them so I’m not sure !

Lol…you should have asked that question before ordering the spell…

Agree completely and if someone has doubt in paying for the spell then they should have done the spell themselves.

I’m just curious if he said it was fine to talk about the spell openly before it manifests?
Personally I’ve never had any bad experiences so far from talking about my magickal endeavours on this forum and maybe saying a litte ‘‘too much’’. I guess because people on this forum have such a good mindset about magick, that they don’t interfere like most people might
I was just curious though


Disappointed… the girl had no movement towards me and JS said he would recast for you if nothing occurred. He never got back to me after I asked to do a new cast.


:thinking: out of curiosity what actions did you take toward her?

Conversation as often as possible without being weird. But it turned out she moved a week after it was done

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I mean as did you ask her out or anything in that direction, or were you expecting her to make the first move as a result of the ritual. :thinking:

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Maybe he is busy?
How long ago have you contacted him?

Month and a half. 3 separate times !


Damn. I wish I had some advice, but I really don’t know what to say on this matter.

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