How to use period blood

Could you please elaborate on this more?


I was wondering the same thing.

Otherwise, interesting. I did wonder if menstrual blood had a power.


It is probably talking about cum

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There is supposed to be magical qualities in male cum too, I spose.

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I would assume it is talking about transgenderism

I doubt that

:ok_hand: I agree with this! I have been using it and planing my working around it! I add it to my special consecration oil too!

You have to let them dry first then you can keep them in a book or a box! I keep mine in a candy box until its time to burn them!


I am planning to offer it to archangel gabriel

I do banishing thank you

Hey… Can you help me with astaroth… I’m the beginner …never did such thing …just wanted to know my future … Help me out pls!.

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Y’know, he’s with me currently and he had like a wince but in feeling. Idk if it’s a good idea. What’s the purpose?

I menstruate wherever there is a full moon. My body & aura is very connected to the earth & other energies that way.
Is this normal?


Me too. I’d once assumed that all women have their period at a full moon… then I discovered it wasn’t true.

I’m also a night owl. During the day, I’m only half awake. I often want to sleep in the afternoon, but when night hits I come into being. Hell, I’ve even tried to change my sleeping patterns so I was up at a “normal” time in the morning. I still felt the same.

I can only deduce that the moon is what energizes me, where as for most people (and things on Earth) the sun is what charges them.

BlockquoteThat is quite a leap from menstrual blood…


I hoodoo, it’s said that if the woman no longer has her period, she can use vaginal fluids and I believe men use their semen for love spells.

For those confused about non women bleeders, I’m pretty darn sure it refers to transgender, gender fluid, or nonbinary individuals. They are not women, yet they can still menstruate.

That said, this is a fascinating list, and timely in my viewing of it as I’m due to start my own bleeding any time now. Mahalo! :purple_heart:


I can’t say I’ve ever looked forward to my period before, but I’m definitely going to experiment with it when the time comes. :rofl:


Me either but I took full advantage of the one I just had (actually started on the new moon so I figured this was extra powerful).


Thank you for posting this. I’ve learned so much :upside_down_face:

Hello all,
I did 2 Rituals with this Special Blood, both in the Love Field. One is to get my dear Friend back with whom I had sort of an Affair for some time ( do not want to say my Boyfriend as he says always " enjoy your Life" when I ask him to be my Boyfriend). I realy hope he becomes my Lover. Althrough I dearly love some One else truly from my Heart but something in me does not want to do Magic on him.