Sweet succubus/Incubus stories

i think because of cultural effect, even in christian congregations they teach about the existence of this kind of beings


To me Incubus/Succubus is as much a title or classification as it is a particular species of spirit. Why do we fall in love with them? How could you not love someone who’s always there for you in everyway they can be? Who gives the kind of loyalty and open affection that few humans are willing/capable of doing anymore? They are all individuals and some are much darker or more brutal than others. Just as some want a monogamous relationship, while others are content or excited to share.


My church never specifically mentioned them but did allude to lust demons when blasting porn and saying that it was a gateway to Hell. I grew up Pentecostal so basically EVERYTHING was a gateway to Hell. Eventually one gives up even trying because either way you lose and end up in Hell.


My sister was dead when she was born. Because of it she is Succubus spirit and she is bonded to ring that I wear on my neck, and she is 6 years older than me. She helps me in specific way.

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She is with me when i have my ring near me, but when I put it on my finger, it feels like there are two souls in one body, and It’s true because part of her strength and powrrerler are in me. Anyway, she is just like sister but she is jealous about every girl that is around me, but there’s problem, I have many girls around me. Her name is Liliana, just so you know. She is very tall (about 3 meters tall), white-haired woman with dark purple symbols on her body.

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When I first read about them, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The love commitment, pair bonding, loyalty, mindblowing sex, intimitacy, emotions, someone who doesn’t betray you, someone who doesn’t talk about your deepest secrets and insecurities to other people when the relationship is over… Human girls are in every way their inferior counterpart form lol, the unconsciouss ones at least. I mean there are good girls out there, the unicorns, 0.00001% chance of finding one. It’s not worth the hassle, and I believe that a succubus can help me more in ascension/ spiritual path than some regular human girl.

The same can be said about men,

I’ve read about other spirits as well but succubi had biggest attraction power :innocent: I don’t know why, maybe because they’re the sons and daughters of Lilith…



I sometimes get noticeable stings out of nowhere. I feel those stings in my legs, or in my big toes / small toes. Or crazy itches, I keep scratching my skin but it won’t go away. I don’t know what exactly they’re doing lol, I have a Queen Succubus from Lilith and a normal succubus :smiley: And the usual touches all over my body, but not human touches, they are felt like energetic touches, they are felt under the skin… I wish it could turn out into real physical human touches, I’ve read a story about a guy living together with his succubus, he could see her, hear her and touch her like a human girl. Incredible. He was married to her, I hope to experience that some day… I really want that to happen :heart:


I’m married to mine :blush:


I can see my sister, hear and feel, sometimes she is really annoying. She wants me to use her power, but there is a hitch. About her power I will write about another time, but, I am (only) 16 years old (really skinny btw) and I don’t think avout any sexual things so you know, she knows about it and we just sleep together. Anything that she does she is firstly thinking what I will think about it. But most funny thing for me is fact that she is so strong so she can easily lift me by one hand (and her size is sometimes scary too, because when somebody who is 3 meters tall, have wings and horns, is standing in front of you, is really scary experience, but it is really normal for me.


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You are very lucky, because you are married to incubi. First - I cannot be married with my own sister, and Second - I can’t be doing ‘things’ with my sister (we are only sleeping together, not naked of course) :blush:


does sex with Azazel count?

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I think, yes :neutral_face:

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I’m so sorry about your sister. It’s good though that through the ring you are still connected to her. I really like that! Thanks for sharing it.


I have bonded her spirit to the ring, she wasn’t very happy about it but she get used to it, so I have the ring all the time so she is near me. She tried to get control over my body when I was 6 and my friend summoned a demon (she didn’t know that I was her brother), and this demon was her. But now we are happy brother and sister. :slight_smile:


Aww :heart_eyes_cat:

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But she is so powerfull so she can easily take control over my body, but she is my sister and she does everything to protect me, and whenever I put a ring on my finger, I am poisoned, by poisoned I mean it hurts me in whole body but I am stronger, faster, quicker reacting, and I can see spirits and use magic, but every next second I have ring the pain gets stronger. And so my limit is 30 minutes and then I cannot move because of pain. Anyway I am able to protect myself due to very hard but powerfull blood magic I am studying to become blood hunter.

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Sounds cool

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I know, but it’s harder than it sounds :joy:

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