New here... Need advice with a spirit

Hello guys, I’m new here with a very small knowledge about the astral and spirits.There is this entity that has been with me for a lot of years.Before 5 years we had sex for the first time.I have had many dreams in the beggining with her and i do enjoy the sex etc but because of responsibilities and uni i didn’t devote enough time to get to know her/him.We have had sex many times since then it touches me and shows affection while in a couple of dreams it had tried to hurt me.I sense it’s not evil and sort of likes me.One day before 3 years when i waked up a morning from my sleep i saw a cloth/blanket on me that i haven’t put on me.And i live alone as well so this incident got me curious.Now the sex is in the physical realm.Every time it arouses me a little and then i continue the rest.And the sensations feel a lot like of body so i doubt it’s my imagination.I have spoken with it a couple of times and only once i managed to hear it’s voice in the physical but couldn’t make out what it was saying.What do you think it mighr be?Should i be worrying?The thing is i like it’s company.Apart from the sex there are times it’s very affectionate like touching my hair and kissing me randomly or teasing my private area.Is it a succubus?A nympho?I’m sorry for any language mistakes.Please give me some advice should i allow this spirit to be close to me?

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