Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

You can just don’t forget to write that in the letter.

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Thank you. I’ll need to practice on being specific and detailed

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Very interesting.

I have a small question,Can you summon without burning it? Like for example,Running hot water on it or placing a really hot object on it? Even freezing it if available?

I don’t think so , use a fire safe bowl and get a lighter

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Quick Q for @succupedia
Can a male human summon an incubus or does it have to be male-female and female-male?

Also, can I use my blood in the ritual, or will that just attract negative entities?

Yep male can summon an incubus

Do not use blood, that creates a strong connection, I believe you only do this with spirits you 100% can trust

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Uuuuhm, if you don’t trust them 100%, then you shouldn’t be summoning them pal

What I’m saying is , you’re doing the letter ritual, you can specify what you want, but there is still a chance you could get something that you don’t want, since you don’t know, don’t use blood

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Ok, I have had a succubus before (granted, she left me because I was just a little tween at the time, so not enough sexual energy😜) so I know how they can be. Now, I’ve been reading up on your so called “succubus encounter” and I understand where you’re coming from, but that was the best experience of my life, granted it was only for a few nights, and I want to cement it, make it permanent, and I’ve set my restrictions and boundaries, so I’m pretty sure I’m good.

Does the ritual have to be done at 3 am? I do happen to go to bed in the middle of.the day.and sleep throughout the night.

Plus, getting something you don’t want is part of the experience, succubi/incubi are just like humans in the way they have free will to do whatever they want

It’s not about getting what you don’t want, it’s about it being potentially harmful , just cautioning you man, do as you like,

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Uhm, I probably should have put this in my bio, but I’m a masoçhist, I used to be a jackass to every bully at my school just so they would grind me to a pulp, and every time I got back up for more, hell, I even inflict pain on myself, such as punching thick ass trees, so hey, I eat harmful for brunch

Another question, which would be a more powerful lifeline attached to me, blood or sexual fluids? Could I use both?

And does the crown chakra need to be opened in order to feel a succubus/incubus?

no, they open your senses overtime