Hate ex's new girlfriend

Hi! I am new to the group and also a begginer in magic.

My ex and i had a terrible break up and he was mean to me. A few months later i realized it was because he had a new girlfriend and now she is pregnant… it all happened in about four months. So i want that relationship to end and i want him to be unmasked. What can i do.

I tried with pomba gira but did not want to help.
I also used a sigil to call belial but to be honest i got a little intimidated and didn’t continue.

I basically want everyone to see him fail in his life. What are your suggestions?

My suggestion is use your magick to find a new bf and create a better life , be wise with your energy expenditure , I’m not moralizing it but just my unpopular opinion lol


So basically you want to ruin your ex’s family and most likely make an innocent baby grow up without his father, or have to endure his parents fighting over him, all because he was mean to you?
Wow, maybe you should take a look in the mirror. How about instead working on yourself with magick and drawing in a better man to be your boyfriend.


So, you decided to do something petty and Pomba Gira decided to not help you… Maybe you should reflect on that favor.


There’s a child involved now. As others have said it’s time to move on. And if you do manage to cause problems, what’s the say they’re not strong enough to get through them? I wouldn’t risk it, especially with a child on the way.

People are mean in life. It’s your choice to either grow from that and have a lesson learnt under your wing, or hold grudges that will become blocks to success. Your choice. I’ve done the latter myself, let it build up so much I couldn’t continue. I wish I hadn’t. But I’m learning now. It’s hard but it can be overcome



Well, your ex bf already fucked his life over. He got a girl pregnant he barely knows within 4 months. Relationships are difficult and now he is stuck with a person he barely knows for the next 18 years! He will have financial responsibilities and parental responsibilities he didn’t have before. He is fucked!
Guess what? You are the winner! You can continue to pursue your dreams and goals. You can continue to work on becoming a better version of yourself without all the adult responsibilities. Have fun and enjoy your young adult years! Use protection.


Just a tad bit judgemental eh? This entire forum can be judged just as harshly. According to some people there is never an excuse to curse. No matter how justified or not justified spellwork is, there is always someone else who can be pointing a finger and telling YOU to look in the mirror.

I’m not quite sure what a child being involved has to do with anything. Most people have children and when performing any baneful work on people there is usually always going to be a child or children involved. Most practitioners do not limit their spellwork out of concern for their targets children.

That being said, I do agree with everyones opinions so far. He’s trash. He obviously lied to you and his current girlfriend but now she’s stuck with him. Be glad you dodged a bullet.

But if you want to do a curse to cause some mayhem and chaos then go for it. If your efforts to make contact with “spirit” have gone unheard then maybe it’s because your punishment does not fit the crime. You should try amending your petition to make the outcome less severe.

Good luck!


@srcr as part of the forum’s rules, you need to make a proper introduction for yourself as either a separate thread on this category (New Magicians) or on the following thread.

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Introduce yourself to the forum as you have been told.

Then move on.


Everyone’s different however once a unborn or child in involved that’s a whole new level.

I have to say if the entity chooses not to help they have a reason. We all have our own opinions.

And the other beat me to the introduce part.


Now that I got that out of the way, as far as your question goes, i usually recommend sour jars for break ups.

I also recommend the book “Magical Attack” by Gordon Winterfield, as it has techniques to extract power from pain and anger to both to bring results and release it from your life so you may live freely. There is a end of a relationship spell that work wonders for me against a couple who were using magic to cause me problems. You will need to practice meditation and visualization, as they are the main tools used in the rituals within that book.

Finally, I would recommend picking up a form of divination and practicing. That way you can search for other break up works and do readings on which would work best for you, as well as if your ex is really worth the energy spent.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope this is helpful.


Unmask him if you want (hell, unmask her too if she knew about you), but I wouldn’t worry too much about breaking them up.

If he’ll cheat WITH her, he’ll cheat ON her, sooner or later. Such as, for example, after she’s given birth and is too tired and sore for sex. And with a kid involved, it’s going to get really ugly.

Unless they BOTH take a long-ass look in the mirror and choose to stop being shitty human beings (unlikely), they won’t last more than a few years, tops.

My ex figured out pretty damn quickly that his side chick was trash. Once a paternity test revealed her kid wasn’t his (I already knew it wasn’t), he crawled right back. (I refused to take him back.)

Everyone who knew us knew exactly what kind of person he was and what he’d done to me…and she didn’t get any sympathy either. But I still did a binding spell on her because she was stalking me.

The two of them fucked up their lives well enough on their own, but with a little magick, I did have the satisfaction of sending him packing and seeing her stuck in a hell of her own making.

Welcome and good luck!


That’s what i thought, he barely knows her, he will probably break up with her or something and maybe what i truly want is to feel that i won, i know it is selfish but hey we are human after all. This post helped a lot. Thanks.

Thank you i will read the book.

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I love reading stories like this, you enjoyed the pleasure of seeing them fucked up. Can you help me with a spell ?

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What about a break up spell or Crossing? There’s plenty here if you use the search function. I’d have to second the notion that it’s irrelevant if a child’s involved. He sounds like trash and I’m sure they won’t stay together anyway. I think we’ve all been in a similar position and it’s ultimately your decision

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Here you go:

Just adapt these to fit your situation and really put your wrath into it!

One word of caution: the “ex return” part worked TOO well and after I broke it off for good, he kept bothering me…and it went on for YEARS. Oops. Should’ve added a clause preventing BOTH of them from stalking me.


Have you ever heard the phrase “what comes around, goes around”? It’s not a good idea to manifest negative experiences unto others. It would be better for you to use your energy to create a better situation for yourself. Be careful, your intention to cause him to be viewed as a failure may result in everyone viewing you as a failure. Wish him health and happiness and you’ll probably find yourself in a better situation.

Best fucking answer!

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don’t u love the attention? lol