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Reversed king of cups, seems like you went through a period of depression in the past. Withdrawn and anxious.

At the current moment, it suggests you’re still going through a tough time: abuse and a broken home being the main theme.

In the future, the five of wands signifies conflict, pent up anger, opposition and egos clashing


Possible addictions in the past, eating disorders and overall misery. Seemed to be unhappy back then.

However, at present moment, you’ve matured and grounded yourself, a wonderful mother! (If you’re not a parent then you would be a good mother if you were), you have success in what you’re doing. Natural healer, too.

The lovers for your future, you have good physical relationships, possible already met your soulmate and are both passionate :slight_smile:

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Okay everyone i’m off to bed now it’s nearly midnight where I am. I’ll get to those I haven’t done tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hi Beca.

Thank you for offering. Please can I have a reading on my love life? Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!
So accurate, but no way, I’m not a mother! :sweat_smile:

Welcome @FireDragon Before asking members for readings, please follow the rules of this forum and properly introduce yourself. Click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick ie what you practice, how long you practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Hey could you do a reading on whether i have offended Lord Krishna?

I like a reading on if my Intranquil Spirit spell is working on my target.
Thank you!

Hey becca, can I please have a general reading? Thank you.

Heyyy, can I have a general reading as well. Thank you. :smile:

May I have a general reading please? Thank you!

Are you still up for a reading for me I just need two answer from a demon that’s it

I would like a general reading :slight_smile: Thank you!!

If your still doing some readings I would love 1

Hi DarkestKnight. I have introduced myself now, thank you.

I would like a general reading pls?If you have the time.

I did post that I was going to bed two hours before your comment, please respect that I will get back to you when my time is free

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Oh no my apologies I didn’t see it so that’s why I was asking

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Also to let you know what it was for as well case I think I did

I would love a reading please. Thank you