(GoM) Wealth Magick second working question

I’ve just finished the second working of Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick. I was really nervous before starting this working, based on what I heard about its effect on people, but as I finished it today, my only feeling is “Meh” - because nothing happened whatsoever. No upheavals, no drama, nothing changed.

I did have a few attacks of depression towards the end of it, but depression is nothing new in my life.

I probably didn’t help my cause by saying the words instead of vibrating them. I realised only on day 29 that I’m supposed to vibrate them!

Any ideas?

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“Saying” makes Vibration too, so you’re good.
When following GoM books, just trust the magic and let go.
I believe the second ritual calls on Elubatel, with whom people get depression I’ve known till now (mostly, but depends on individuals too)

But I didn’t have any movement in any direction. Aren’t things supposed to get messy during the second working?

When I did the second working I experienced some disruption during the 33 days, but it was very minor in comparison to the effects in the following months and even years. I didn’t even vibrate the words, I just said them in a way that felt “magickal” to me.

The entire book is designed to bring your focus to the long-term picture of your life, and with this ritual that is especially true. The effects will be subtle at times, but know that you have bound yourself and these angels together and that they will be with you from this moment onwards, guiding you and carrying you through a wealthy life.

For the record, I worked through the book a year or so ago (it all blends together at this point), and I am not yet wealthy, and I haven’t even really received a large increase in my income or prosperity. I’ve gotten some short-term results from other magick here and there, but what Wealth Magick has done for me is guide me along a path which is leading me to a wealthy life. My patience is being rewarded.

You should continue to work through the book if you are serious about wanting a wealthy life. You can still turn back now if you really want to. The Angels of Omnipotence will leave you if you want them to, or if you do not act like you want to change your life. I don’t know your circumstances, but I can say with great confidence that you need to change in an extreme way if you want this magick to work to its fullest potential.

The magick will help with this change if you let down the barriers that keep it from doing what you have asked.


Well, if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s walking through the door that opens in front of me. It’s getting the doors to open - that’s the problem.

Could you possibly elaborate on what you mean by changing in extreme ways?

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This is your problem - your mindset is limiting you. Magick opens the doors.

What you are doing right now is not trusting in the process and looking for a quick fix. At the risk of sounding like a scammer, I will say with complete confidence that the magick works and that it does change your life if you are patient and remain open to what magick offers you.

If you are really concerned, then maybe now is not a good time for you to be doing Wealth Magick. The author mentions in the book that if you are desperate for money or looking for more short-term fixes that you should work with other forms of money magick. He mentions that results may not manifest until months after you complete the entire working. This largely depends on your current circumstances, your ability to receive and accept the results of magick, and I think even more importantly, your attitude towards money and whatever career you are working on advancing.

I am largely repeating what has already been written on this subject, but people tend to say they want more money, while at the same time resenting money. I’ve spent years of my life working in fast-food joints and spending time with very, and I mean very left-wing, anti-capitalist people, and more recently I’ve rubbed shoulders and shook hands with wealthy 1%ers. I have yet to meet someone who wouldn’t say that some more money would be nice to have, even if they would just give it away, but the way the former groups of people talk about money is very, very different than the latter.

When poor people talk about money, you can hear the pain and the struggle and the resentment in their voices. When the rich talk about money, it is either very matter-of-fact and impartial, just like any other day-to-day stuff, or they do it with joy, pleasure and delight. I invite you to just say the word “money” out loud and see what happens. How do you feel?

If you felt guilt, fear, or resentment just by thinking about the word “money,” these emotions will taint and corrupt everything that you do involving money. You will undermine your own efforts to better your life because how you really feel does not align with your actions, and so you will attempt to modify your behavior so that your actions make sense given your underlying feelings of guilt, fear, and resentment.

You probably know of a couple where one or both partners has come to dislike or even resent the other, but for whatever reason they still stay together. Do these couples have good, happy marriages? If you harbor feelings of resentment towards money, do you think that you’ll have a good relationship with it? If you are afraid of something, do you go chasing after it? If you fear money and the new circumstances which may be outside your comfort zone that come with it, do you think you’ll be motivated to seek more? Do you like to do things like binge-consumption that make you feel guilty? Do you ever try to avoid homeless people because not giving them money makes you feel guilty? If money makes you feel guilty, do you think you’ll want more of it?

Wealth Magick can help you overcome some of these blockages, but if you think this is a problem for you (which I can almost guarantee that it is in some way), then I would highly, highly recommend doing some “internal magick” to change your emotions regarding money. The author mentions The 72 Sigils of Power as a way to work on this, but I have found the book 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer to be extremely effective for this sort of blockage clearing and emotional re-alignment. I would even say it is worth taking a break from Wealth Magick to work through the first 4 rituals in this book. I’ve done a good amount of this sort of internal work, but these 4 rituals (and the non-ritual chapters) are what really helped me break through some of my stubbornest obstacles when it comes to this sort of stuff.

If I were to take another guess, I would say that you are likely resisting changing into a different line of work than you are involved with now. I see people get this wrong all the time when they post here asking for money rituals. They tend to be very dead-set on making their thing work and are very closed-off to other possibilities. If you tell someone that they shouldn’t waste their time on some nonsense dropshipping affiliate marketing day-trading whatever-the-fuck scheme they will usually ignore you and just listen to whoever gives them some sketchy half-ass dumbed-down beyond the point of usefulness money candle spell and then wonder why it didn’t work. People really like to believe that they can " 4 Easy Ways to Get Rich Quick !emoji! " and become resistant when you tell them that they need to un-attach themself from their current ideas and be open to discovering something else. I’ve lost track of how many business ideas I’ve thrown out, some after working on them for many months. It takes a strong will to drop the losers and not give in to sunk-cost fallacy or attachments that hold you back and limit your potential. This applies to people as much as it does to ideas.

Imagine for a moment that you are as wealthy as you currently think that you want to be. Imagine what you would do, the stuff you would own, the places you would be. Do you honestly think that you would be surrounding yourself with the same people as you do now, both at work and in your personal life? Do you honestly think that you would be doing the same work that you are doing now? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Wealth Magick is likely not for you. Maybe it is - maybe you’ve found your calling and just need that magickal edge to push things through into reality, but even if this is the case your work and your relationships absolutely have to change in important ways, as otherwise you would already be as wealthy as you desire to be.

To return to my original point and conclude this post, I would guess that magick has already begun to open the doors to a wealthy life for you. The problem is never a failure to open the doors, the problem is the failure to recognize and accept the opportunities that magick gives to you. Yes, sometimes this will take some time to manifest and you will need to be patient, but often the reason it takes time to work is because you need to change first.

If you managed to read all of that and have engaged with the ideas, then I think you have the potential to create a wealthy life. If you refuse to recognize gold when it’s handed to you on a silver platter, then maybe stop wasting my time and do something else.


Thanks for the detailed reply. Very kind of you.

I can categorically say that I most definitely don’t have any left-wing, communistic or socialistic views on money, quite the contrary.

Currently I am not desperate for money, we have paid off our mortgage long back, and we have healthy pensions and investments building up. What I really want is freedom from wage-slavery and/or an occupation that I’d enjoy working in and makes good money. I currently work in IT and while it has given me a good income for a long time, I have hated it the whole time.

I have been trying to build up a freelance translation career in order to leave IT, but translation isn’t exactly the career to choose if you want to make serious money. And in any case it’ll take at least another 18 months before it starts making decent money. I picked it because it’s a skill I already have.

I don’t feel guilty about not giving to the homeless, but I do avoid the snarky and aggressive ones simply because I don’t like random confrontation.

I have always dreamt of being a day trader (yes, I know, I know). I have tried this many, many times. Every time while preparing and paper trading, I was sure that I knew what I was doing. And I failed every single time as soon as I started trading with money. It almost felt as though I was possessed as soon as I entered the market.

I am not holding out for Wealth Magick to give me trading success, although that would be very nice. What I’d like to happen is a) to be my own boss, b) to make good money while loving what I do for a living.

With regards to associating with others, I completely agree that a wealthy me would associate with a different set of acquaintances. Having said that, I have a very happy and loving family life, and I am not planning to change that.

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Your politics don’t matter, and I just want to clarify that that was not the point I was making.

If you really want to be a successful trader, then you should go back to school and get a master’s degree so that you can work as a professional somewhere like an investment bank or hedge fund. With your background if you pick up some stats and finance stuff you could get a gig as a quant if you have access to a good network, which a good graduate program will get you. Maybe you could self-study if your IT skills are close to what quants do, but I wouldn’t count on it, especially if you want to be trading and not just doing IT in a different industry (and if you want your resume to not get laughed at). When you actually know what you’re doing you can open up your own shop and receive outside investment if you want to do that.

If going back to school is not something that you want to do then I don’t know what to tell you other than good luck. You could probably figure something else out to do, but anything that entails you quitting your day job will involve some degree of risk and uncertainty, so you should ask yourself how much of that you are willing to take on and what you want to get out of it.

And for the record, all the idiots you see on youtube with their triangles and shit on their charts have no goddamn clue what they are doing. You can make mediocre returns in a bull market - good fucking job. You’d be surprised how many so-called “professionals” also have no idea what they’re doing, but if you don’t suck at what you do you can make a lot of money in an honest way if you know how to play the game.

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