The Vampire

@Aluriel My great grandmother and her daughter taught me psionic. Being psi vampyres we had to learn psionics to survive. I sometimes have that effect on plants, but most of the time I do not. I have blown out lightbulbs when my energies get out of control.


m very interesting, you really are a vampire? :grinning: will bite me I will become the same? on how much all this is true hm

Hello friends,
Before few months, i found beautiful woman in a restaurent, i dont know she was succubi.

She followed me to my home and started noticing my daily life.
(I have a spritual third eye through which i can sense if some spirit is spying on me)

Anyways after few days, she played a psychic game in which i mistakenly done commitment.
after that commitment i am pocessed by same spirit and she is draining my vitality.

I dont know how to break the commitment and become spirit free.

One spritual healer told me, she is vampire.

Can someone help ??

The case is quite complicated.
Her psychic ability is excellent and she want to stay.

Please advice solution…

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Try making a thoughtform to protect you

she has made permanent link of feeding and that link is not breaking and it filled every cell of my mind with that link
and the activation of link is sucking my sexual energy.

your idea is very helpfull but it requires lot of practise.

Even after that the feeding might stop, but the pain of feeling heaviness with tight chest still remains there because the spirit is not in mood to leave the body and mind as per the commitment.

Anyway, thanks for ur suggestion

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This post is so great! Too bad it as many other great posts got pulled to low common denominators.

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Can anybody shed light on this
I see the real vampire send his spirit in the air targeted to a person.
He done this through his mouth with a strange sound.

I donot understand did he pocecessed some other demons inside his body and command them to come out for attack or he send his own spirit.
whatever he send it was more than one.
The person later informed he is pocessed by 1 male and 1 female spirit and turning into a vampire.

secondly, what is the connection of rising sun and vampire.


Do vampires attract naturally other Vampires? Is there a codex, maybe energy works together or whatever? Are there any successfull Vampire covens?

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ooh, bumping this and replying! I have a sneaking suspicion I hide latent tendencies in this area. I have recently been told via a “messenger” that the Duke Valefor (also vampiric) is someone I should seek - I received a direct message in (probably grammatically incorrect) French, “Du Mai quinze, Duc Fois.” Translating this I get, May 15th, the Duke who is superlative or more than perfect, etc. The only one I could find in a list of demons/demonic entities was Duke Valefor. He apparently also helps with astral stuff and dreams - he initiates via these states too. Also, he has a connection with those who steal (figures but I have not long ago had a few things borrowed but eventually returned by spirits). He teaches manipulation and charm plus loyalty.

Thank for the information @C.Kendall - I think I really need to look into this.

PS: As an aside, should I be concerned for my family members or my dog? I know that probably sounds silly but I want to have safeguards around to not harm others unintentionally. :slight_smile: thanks


vampirism is good but u are if we break the routine we became weak thanks for ur suggestions

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It can happen sometimes.
I have met some vampire focused covens but from my experience they tend to be very hierarchical.

Some of the coven Masters can be a bit corrupt and try to gather energy for only themselves using the other members of the coven, making them do the dirty work.
I guess it is a matter of searching for a proper coven.


I, with my limited knowledge, have not found that vampires attract one another. I know there is a church of the vampire online. But I don’t know too much about it as their books and sources seem dependent on money to progress. I know there are covens and groupings of vampires but only in passing. They have not yet contacted me though I would be open to that as a furtherance of my own knowledge. I am a vampire and it is not an easy thing to be. But again I can only speak for myself.

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That is very interesting
I think I’ve always been looking for this
How do I become strong enough?

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But the skill set to achieve that level, is it possible to do by yourself?

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Question, I did this today and fed on someones aura and it did a dual effect 1. It made me become euphoric which was expected . 2 it gave me a headache feeding on the aura of other through my heart chakra it was an unexpected side effect.


I put this question also to @Madrigoro.
Hi, is it possible to get a guide for myself please.
I seems I was a victim of a vampire and I want to learn this as to never become a victim again…
Hi did say (I thought jokingly) he was a “vampire” and he intrested alot into ‘vampiric’ stuff… but not until he nearly drained all my energy and left me nearly for insane and dead, either he was definately one, or he was a occultist who was lacking emotion, and a controlling, narcissist, and used his powers to selfishly manipulate . Either way, learning this may help me repel both lol

Can I be a psi vampire without actually becoming a vampire? Like if I were just to learn how to take the energy from peoples chakras!

Also i would be very careful and only take energy from people that I can take it from and not take it from old and weak people unless I felt like I was not safe

The reason I want to learn how to do this is because people always try to force me to do stuff and if I can just take there energy away then they won’t be able to hurt me anymore

Yes, the technique to do so is described in EA’s Works of Darkness, which you said in your other post you bought.

What page is it?