Vampyric demons

Just wondering what are some entities (such as pagan gods/goddesses, demons or other entities) that you all invoke and evoke to aid you in vampyric rituals and vampyric magick?
I suppose Lillith is an obvious one.

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Lilith, Hekate, Selene, Shekmet, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Belial, Nergal, Ereshkigal, Morrigan, Kali and more.


Kherty, Baphomet, Izanagi, pretty much every underworld god


Asmodeus is very dangerous demon.He can suck your energy like a vampire.He can fuck your brain


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Interesting answers. Definitely will have to look into some of these and try some new things Thanks

That has not been my exact experience with Asmodeus. Yes he will fuck with your head, and he is what he is, but he is only dangerous when he is offended in some way. He will test you, and I’ve come out of my invocations with him understanding more, knowing more. If you have a weakness, this will be revealed to you. And if you work with him, he will help you turn it into a strength. He is probably the most communicative visually and telepathically that I’ve dealt with. Had literally kept me awake before, but I listen. It can be somewhat annoying, but listen anyway. The magician shouldn’t go into it with even a little fear. Just treat him with respect.



Kingu Absu Tiamat :heart:

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