Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps

Can Anyone do a read on me that would be both amazing and awesome, sadly at this time I don’t have a skill or anything to offer other than my thanks at this time. Thank you!

@OnionKnight ok so I saw a small light rabbit jump by, he looked like the patronus from harry potter. First everything was dark, then white… everything was reaaaally wobbly and i couldn’t get much. I had the feeling that you are not a lot in the astral and that you didn’t form your astral self etc. I kinda felt lost… :thinking: only the rabbit was very clear. Pretty cute tho

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Thanks a lot but I can’t make anything out of it :thinking: the moon has a strong meaning for me… was it a full moon? And the animal was it maybe a cat?
Very strange indeed because even my main element is water… do you have any clue?

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Yes, the moon was full. It was very large and hanging low in the sky. Like this:


The animal could have been a cat. I didn’t see it but the steps were soft, even though they sounded loud to my ears so it could very well have been a cat. There was no growling or anything so a cat would fit since they make very little noise when stalking.

The desert landscape didn’t have anything to do with your element of Water, I don’t think The whole thing was static; nothing moved, like a movie on pause. I really have no idea what it could mean. I’ve never been taken to one like it before.


could someone please give me a reading too? I dont know how to do that so I might no be able to give one back, sorry :frowning:

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Please post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us about yourself and your magical experience. It is one of the rules of this forum. Just click the link below:

@Micah , are you still interested in the Sat Nam reading?


No man ive stopped doing that till i get more experience with it
Ill do a regular scan on you tho soon

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Sounds good.

Emm, can you scan me? it’s fine, but what can it give me? the translator is clumsy. :grinning:

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Can I have a scan?

I understand the limit here is on the message - the answers?

@Shadowmage, was that my read? If it was, u too like @Micah were damn on point. What u read happened today way before I even saw ur posts.


they ignore me! stupid translator! Sorry.

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What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you are referring to.

I’m pretty sure they were asking for a reading but didn’t know if it was translating properly

Excuse me, I just do not have enough attention. :blush:

A rabbit, that’s strange.
You’re right with me not into astral, but it was me thinking I wasn’t ready.
I got a reading done and it was suggesting I work with other parts of magick including myself.
I just need to put more work into it. I appreciate you doing this for it helps me see how I’ve grown or need to work on things.

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Hey can i have a scan pls? Just did a major ritual with Lucifer, Pan, and the Aeon of Ra