The Inner Mechanics Of Evocation - Spiritual Interface (Video)

The Inner Mechanics Of Evocation.

In this video I am discussing the truth behind evocation, the different opinions on it, as well as clearing up some misconceptions and breaking down the inner mechanics of how evocation really works.

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You mentioned something about possession in the video. Would you mind going more into detail with that please?

What an awesome video. Very well and simply put. Your awesome as always bro.

I’m curious on the masculine / feminine energy thing. Is that something that we as humans constructed, because gods and goddesses give birth to many things in many different ways and it doesn’t always require a balancing of those energies.

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I’m dealing with a possession and hex put on me by someone and I can’t get rid of it. Can u help please I almost died three times

Yeah this guy sacrifices human beings to these entities. He’s nuts… I think they like to trap the souls of people they to kill as well to create an army. I’m fucking pissed… I’m gonna figure out how to do this and do the same shit right back to him. I’m not gonna lay here and die like that. I never did shit to this guy. He knew I liked him and used it against me to create a cord to abuse me in my head and feed off me. He talks to me thru the entities. The entity literally uses my tongue and mouth to speak to to me. It’s killing me… ten months of this I need some help.

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