Summoning Duke Buné

I have dreamed of a single demon my whole life. Sometimes he’s a hooded shadow being or sometimes he has white hair, blue eyes, pale skin, black sharp nails, and a black suit with a deep purple neck tie. He always stated in the dreams that my souls belongs to him, upon which I always denied him. I regret that choice now but I dont know who he was. I only ever called him Soul Keeper.

I tell this detail because I am currently $13,000 in debt from a mistake I’ve made in trying to pay off my credit card fast. I dont fear demons… Honestly they scare me less than Angel’s. But I need help and if I’ve angered Soul Keeper into making sure I have bad luck (constantly do. I"ve even tried killing myself multiple times before and lived through them all with better health than before.) then I figure Bune could help me in some way. Or at least give me some answers I need to ask.

I have his seal, drawn by hand. But I would like to know how to summon him. Thank you.


Hi there. Please take a moment and introduce yourself to the forum in the Intro thread, and tell us a bit about yourself and your experience, so we may better be able to help you. It is one of the rules of this forum. Just click the link below:

Also, use the search function in the upper right corner. There is a lot of information on Bune (some have experienced him in female form so don’t be put off by posts regarding Duchess Bune) that you may find of interest.

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Magick doesn’t always fix lack of foresight - do a statement of affairs, work out what you need to live off, and then make an offer to pay off each debt in an equitable manner. You need to keep your creditors off your back for a while whilst you sort out how to pay off the debt.

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