Astrology Question

How can everyone born the same day be the same? Chances are, everyone born on that day will develop different personalities and different ways to look at the world and make decisions. I’m trying to understand an occultists view of accepting astrology as fact. Maybe i’m looking at the whole thing out of context…

I wouldn’t say out of context, but perhaps a rather shallow view of what astrology is. Which is the case with most, including those into the occult…the fact is there are a great deal of occultists who don’t accept astrology as fact. I didn’t for over a decade.

Astrology is based on the movement (or APPARENT movement) of the celestial objects (planets and luminaries - sun/moon, as well as the “zodiac”) around the ‘heavens’.

One of the first major movements of these are those through the ecliptic i.e. zodiac. For people born on the same day it is correct that most of these positions will be about the same (with the major exception of the moon which moves around 13 degrees per day). Thus, if that were the only thing considered you’d be right that they might be considered almost the same.

Evidently that is not the case, and astrology doesn’t even consider that the most important thing. The most significant movement of importance is not the planets through the zodiac, but the apparent motion of the planets through the sky caused by the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates one whole turn on its axis every day. About 1 degree (measured by the ecliptic) every 4 minutes.

This movement defines “the houses” which determines the “job” a planet has to do. Thus a planet rising on the horizon deals with a persons life in general, their constitution, some aspects of their personality. A planet at its “peak” in the sky (i.e. sun at noon) is one of the planets who takes care of a persons reputation in life. This is constantly changing throughout the day and is also different at different positions on earth. Thus the sun where I am has recently set, somewhere else on earth it is just rising and consequently will be in control of entirely different aspects of a person’s life - possibly even have nothing to do with their own personality but instead with that of the people they find themselves romantically involved with (in the case of the sun setting).

There is a lot more to astrology than most people realise.

A person is not just their sun sign- there is so much more to a birth chart. You need to consider which signs and houses (as Rawiri has mentioned) other planets are in, the ascendant sign, aspects bewteen planets etc.

Also, the way in which people use and express the energies in their lives can be very different. For example, Aries energy is very ‘masculine’, very forecful and independant. Let’s say two people have Aries as their sun sign. In person A, the Aries energy could manifest, for example, as extreme aggression/ violent behaviour, while person B might use it more contructively- it might manifest as strong leadership skills, courage etc.

I actually met one of my astrological twins, i.e., someone born on the same day of the same year. She was my Greek teacher in college. It was interesting to compare our histories - when I started martial art classes, her father began teaching her Greek, when she went to Athens to study Classics, I was stationed at Okinawa for a year, etc.

Many of the differences come down to what Noel Tyl calls “level” - sex, socioeconomic status, culture, and so on. These are things that lie outside astrology - there is no way to tell if someone is male or female, or rich or poor, simply by looking at their natal chart. It is these elements that can make a difference in how the elements of a natal chart are expressed. And, as Akasha pointed out above, there is a sort of ‘x factor’ that leads people to express the same astrological figurations in different ways.

I think it’s helpful to think of the nativity as showing possibly ranges of traits, and its up to the native to determine (consciously or unconsciously) which specific trait will become manifest.

Haven’t checked the other replies but it sounds like you are talking about modern astorlogy which focuses only on the sun sign.

Both western and vedici astrology take all of the planets in a persons chart into account. The videos linked below has some info on both.