I recently read about a spirit called Zahgurim in one of E.A. Koetting’s books Baneful magick and wanted to ask if anyone has ever evoked the spirit for cursing? If anyone has can you tell me how the spell worked and what kind of results did you get and how you evoked this spirit.

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I evoked him but did not see results yet. Now you’ve reminded me I will probably reevoke and ask if he needs anything.

I evoked him with blood on his sigil, incense and candle flame.

Well Zahgurim is from the Necronomicon. So it should be worked with that pantheon: Kutulu Lord of the Void, Tiamat the Archmother of Creation and Marduk. There are more in the pantheon Humwawa, Pazuzu, Lilith.


Thank you for letting me know I’ll be doing a ritual and maybe post my results.

Hi again, I have never tried the necronomicon but I heard if something goes wrong there are no banishing rituals effective enough for these spirits were you worried about any bad effects or do you have a banishing technique you use or know of that’s effective?_

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