Reverse ex's anger towards me, break up couple, get back together with ex?

I broke up with my ex because he hurt me badly with cheating and lying. We had been together almost 6 years maybe a little more than that until late May. I was hoping for an apology but he didn’t really offer it. He was going around saying that we’d only been together 1 year and that we’d broken up 2 years ago which wasn’t true.

Even though I broke up with him he refused to be friends with me or talk to me. He was then talking nicely to me until 3 weeks ago when he stopped and I found out he was seeing someone new. He is very successful and well off. I met him when he was struggling and my feelings for him were always genuine and pure and I supported him through everything. I felt very hurt about everything. The new girl doesn’t work and I feel she’s with him for money. In my anger I spread some truthful rumors about him that were shocking to people he knew because he comes off as a nice innocent person. He became very angry about it and made some threats. After he did that I didn’t text him back. I miss him terribly though.

I had a tarot reading done recently and I was told that he would likely marry and have a baby with someone 6 months out and that he didn’t want anything to do with me and had love feelings and fidelity for the new girl whose 10 years younger than him too after just 2 weeks or so of knowing her. I was told to use printed photographs from any photo shop and that the cost to make up, breakup, and get back together would be substantial with no guarantee we’d get back together and a waiting period of 3 weeks.

I’m new with magic but willing to try or maybe there is someone recommended for this in the DC,MD, VA area? Is there anything strong and effective that can help in soothing out his anger towards me and forming the strong connection we used to have? We had a very strong connection in the past that kept us together for so many years. I’d appreciate any advice for a strong and effective breakup spell and love spell that could help in bringing us back together. I tried the lemon spell with regular paper printed photographs but I saw no effect. Is there anything stronger than the lemon/jar spell? To add, we’re long distance and the other girl is near him but if we have another chance I would make it work.

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