Who Would You Love E.A. To Interview?

he’s all Amon Ra aka Amaymon now I personally am working with the sumerian gods and would love a video on Enki and Shamash but nope…


Yea and I know a number of fans who also said they just stopped watching

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thats BURZZUM!!

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If anything that would be a cure for soar eyes…not pope molesting boys,dammit!!!
EA and Pope Francis…mano a mano…let’s see their magic at work…

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Hello…my name is thurisaz, I’ve been following balg or a few years, it’s my pleasure to meet you all

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You guys are absolutely right, EA has been absolutely obsessed with the black sun covenant. I get that it is intense, and can accomplish crazy results, but as I’ve stated before, he seems less the Black Magician, and more a snake oil salesman. His countless “testimonials” promoting his books are tedious and repetitive.

We want rituals, time with spirits, experiments with spellcraft, not infomercials.

All respect for the guy, but it is indeed growing old. “Amaymon, Belial, gatekeepers, Amaymon, Belial, gatekeepers…”

Again, I want to stress that I hold mad respect, and if I could afford it, I’d buy his books, but the dude needs to branch out a bit.

On topic:

Ea koetting should start doing random interviews from here on the forum. Random success stories from accomplished magick users. Actual testimonials from people who have been inspired by his work, or people who have done his boot camp.

It would be much more effective instead of his, admittedly handsome, face yammering on, imploring us to buy his books, or telling us about the BSC, Belial, and Amaymon.

My 2 cents, I’m not known for sugarcoating my opinions.


Rose Ariadne
Taylor Ellwood

I would love to see interviewed Grant Morrison, Alan Moore would be cool too.

@Timothy VK Jehannum would always be interesting,he is powerful and his work is great.Other two great magi I would love to see interviewed are Asenath Mason and S Ben Qayin


V.K Jehannum was already on the youtube channel a little while ago, talking with Garrett though I agree it would be interesting to see E.A himself interview him.

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Yeah…definitely would love to see two of them talk both of them are powerful magi and both are very knowledgeable we would get an awesome interview if it became reality

I would like to get more from Ms Asenath Mason on working with the Qliphoth.

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I’d like to see what a catholic “Knight” has to say about this lol.

Lord Valdemort

Lono Vespertillo

Evelyn Paglini

Would he be able to interview his own soul:grin:

Travis Magus/LVX777 or Uncle Chuckie.


Gordon Winterfeld or Damon Brand