Coronavirus kill my relationship

Hello my name is Leonardo, the quarantine of the coronavirus has killed my relationship. I have a relationship of 1 year and a half (3 months were quarantined). Well my girl is a very sociable person. We always spen time together in our free time. Well in quarantine we met 2 times (no sex) his teleworking did not give him time to see us because various factors, family etc. The quarantine made our relationship too monotonous, the pressure of her work, the pressure of his daughter, She lives with her parents and has little space, much more stress.

I was carrying too much, too. Sometimes we argued, but the monotony was the worst, killing the passion became a boring relationship, well the last month was where we were most distant. We had a fight and ended, we loved each other, but she was very fond of seeing our relationship deteriorate with monotony with stress. I wish I could come back she’s a good woman, I love her daughter, but I wish we could relive the passion, the love to go out together and have a good time

I need your help guys. i hope you can help me with tips, advice

P.D Sorry my bad english

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Done Mr DarkestKnight

i did a good presentation now :slight_smile:

Why do you blame the virus?

The coronavirus didn’t kill your relationship, but maybe the oppressive rules imposed on you by your government, and you two obeying those rules, may have. In that case, disobey. If the relationship means something to you, you will break the rules to maintain it. If she doesn’t, it means the rules, or her fear of breaking them , mean more to her than the relationship.


It not fear, she live in other twon. She work in a callcenter in her house cant leave work. she didn`t have time, i can explain to much but its not necessary. Well thank for coment

happens all the time. If you dont’ see the person in person. It’s out of sight out of mind. And poof the attraction/connection is gone. hence my emphasis on interacting socially in person and not just text text text /emails emails emails /videos that many do these days.

If they care it won’t break up so easily. actions speaks volumes and louder than words. talk is cheap.

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ye, i want try get the conexion and meet each other again

Absolutely brilliant response. This lockdown is against our freedoms and has nothing to do with health. There is only a 2-4% death rate with this, folks. STAND UP!

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Dude the same exact thing happened to me. That’s awful, I feel you man. Very arbitrary and unfair.