Performing J.S Garret's Virus Hijack Ritual: Observations

Like other magicians, I have been looking for a way to perform some magick both for protection and to thrive during the health crisis we are going through. When I saw this ritual being posted on EA’s youtube channel, I decided to perform it as it goes along with my own personal beliefs in regards to both animism and how to approach spirits behind disasters to increase chances of survival. Because the information is out there, I will not rewrite the ritual (I will post a link to it) and mainly describe what occurred during the ritual.

So, i was planning on adding evocation during the ritual but upon opening the sigil, i felt the urge to be “pulled in” instead. I refocused my gaze and allowed myself to get pulled into the sigil until I could see a massive sphere of energy. It seemed to communicate through emotions instead of words and I felt a deep sense of fear. I am not sure if it was from me or it. I spend some time discussing why i was there, my understanding on why it exists, and what I wanted out of the exchange of energy I was about to give it (which was both protection of my household and opportunities for wealth). It seemed to understand.

While in half trance, I made myself bleed from a Lancet and the blood flowed more than usual. I drew the sigil and held it up. My emotions seemed to flow into the sigil as it pulsed in my hands. Upon setting it ablaze, the fire quickly consumed the paper and created a whirlwind motion. I felt the tension in me erode away immediately and felt the energy start to infuse with the barriers I already established in my home, strengthen them.

When I blew out my candles for evocation, all if the wicks held an ember and released smoke for a couple of minutes that blew east bound. It is obviously too soon to see the results, but it has provided a sense of peace towards completing the actual ritual. It is a very simple ritual that holds quite a bit of power. I am grateful both to J.S. Garret for going through a how to video but the magicians and authors of BALG to put out content for others to work with during these uncertain times


The fear is the fear of death. Most need to heal it. The Family seems to have created the virus for the purpose of population control, however it seems to serve a greater metaphysical purpose.

The fear most likely came from you. We are all being challenged to face our fear of death.

Thank you for sharing this. I hope you find the protection and success you are seeking.

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I’m doing a survey, all who plan on doing this ritual please hit the like button. :crystal_ball:



I did already. It is awaiting approval. Feel free to check it out once it is approved!

I will perform this ritual. I thought I wouldn’t, then I had the most interesting experience while grocery shopping yesterday. I was as a wolf walking among sheep. The fear was palpable. And I was powerful. Interesting, indeed. Surreal. There may be something gainful here.


Has anyone posted a picture of the sigil he used or is everyone just pause the video long enough to draw it?

I paused the video personally

Thanks. That’s my plan then.

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Are you guys gonna do the ritual yourselves?

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Will you do it? I know you are taking a break from magic right now, but this is for shielding/protection.

I already did, although my wife wants to do it so I will likely go through it again.

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Have you tried energetically powering up your immune system?

I did not approach it that way actually, might give that a try.

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I have other magick to do … I’m raising an Empire.


I think I may have got it honestly , shortness of breath out of nowhere , and I literally have been not consciously focusing on this at all since i know what that does , time for some personal frequency hijacking through meditation