Hail Buer

For 3 days I had the worst pain in my lower left abdomen. I was getting really worried because it got worse each day. One night I was tossing/turning, woke up at 4 am and called out to Buer to please relieve me of my pain. I just gave thanks to him through some of my life’s essence. Thank you! I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Buer. Very kind and helpful.


Hail President Buer!

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Thank you that’s really helpful information because I struggle with addiction to weed. Yes I forgot to mention he took the pain away within hours. Amazed

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I used to struggle with an addition to weed and alcohol.

Buer in my dreams one day showed me “spell” one can use.
He showed me an orange book, with his seal written on the inside cover.

He told me to use it anytime I had a craving that I wanted to go away, and he would take them from me.
He also told me this could be expanded to any negative habit I wanted to change or even to help me acquire new, positive habits by writing it in the book when I failed to do it. ie “I forgot to go to the gym today” and etc.


Bumping this,

I’ve never been allergic to anything, but today I had a big reaction to seafood (I’ve eaten it all before), I had a fever, face was dark red, had a rash all over my body.

Buer was one of the few spirits I had seen before getting into magick,

Although I had never evoked him yet, I knew it’d be the best option.

I’ll be working with him more in the future. His specializations are much more nuanced than “health”, just as Aphrodite does more than “love”

Buer appear in my dreams sometimes to tell me when i need to take care of someone of my family’s health

what are his attribution for invoke or evoke ? i mean candle color? incense? offerings?

Orange right?

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