Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

I have a question. Is it possible to use this method, but rather than summoning a succubus, to summon lilith herself, I am new to all of this stuff and have no experience. I am not looking for a relationship, but rather to have a conversation.

For Lilith you have to make a personal summon, as for the rest of the other demons. You need to get his seal.

Is there a way of doing this without burning it

I haven’t performed any ritual. Im just fascinated by incubi and succubi. I’ve never had any experience with magic.

Yesterday I was reading about incubi before I went to bed at about 1am. I woke up at about 1:30 because I felt a little heavy. When I opened my eyes it looked like everything in my room was a little darker ( I always keep my night lamp on when I sleep) It looked like I was under crystal clear water and the water had alot of ripples. The edges of these ripples were a bit blackish and disperse. These ripples moved in slow motion. I tried to move my arm a bit but I couldn’t. I could only move my head and that too very slowly. So I turned my head to face up words and tried to calm myself by closing my eyes. When I closed my eyes I could see a very faint watery silhouette of someone’s face. That’s when I could move again. And when I opened my eyes again there was no watery filter vision.

I don’t know what to think.

Im curious about this. I live in a house of six (including me) and share a room. I probably cant do the burning at 3 am. Im also curious to see if there’s a way to see if it actually worked. So 1. Is there another time i can burn the letter? 2. How can i see if it worked? 3. What are the signs it worked? 4. Is it possible that if you did it once and it didn’t work, doing it again might not?

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hi i would like to know if you could make like a template for my letter because i’m not very good at writing anything so please if you could i would appreciate it. THANK YOU @succupedia

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I’m a beginner to but i haven’t done the ritual yet. But i did hear that if you think about summoning a succubus before you do it there’s a good chance that one came without summoning. that’s just something i heard but it’s a possibility

hello sir. I recently read your blog and I’m going through similar experiences. I wanted to reach out to you in order to share experiences.


Hello i’m new to the site and I’ve been experiencing some strange things for the past year and I’m looking for some insight to help clear it up can you help me @succupedia

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Thanks I handled it but I’m still a little nervous about truly opening up about my situation until anybody with more knowledge than me can offer some support. Would you happen to anything on the succubus topic?

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Well this is a thread about succubi, so yes there are plenty who can help. :slight_smile:

@succupedia or anyone else with experience in Ubi or spirits in general can help you out.

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You don’t technically need to burn the letter. You can dispose of it through any of the natural elements. Like burying it, or even through water.

The letter of intent is a petition type spell, so it’s not limited to one way.

Also your other questions have all been answered already through the thread.

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I’ve been having sexual interactions with this entity for the past year. At first it was only a night time thing but now I feel I’m with her at all times but I’ve been wondering exactly what she is but everytime I ask her what she is she says she doesn’t know. Can Anyone offer some help I really want to know about her

Can you provide us with more details? Have you seen this entity either in dreams, through visions, or physically? Has it been doing anything aside from having sex with you?

Her touch feels extremely real but I’ve never been able to see her. But as far as it goes I’m not sure if she’s ever done anything other than have sex with me

She used to not be able to speak with me through thought and only got her points across by touching me

Could be a succubus, could be something else. Have you had any dreams about her?

Have you established a system of communication using touch? i.e. right hand for yes, left hand for no?

That’s probably because you weren’t as sensitive to them then, senses weren’t as developed then.

The more you interact, the more sensitive you become (which can mean for communication too).

How does their energy feel? Have they appeared in dreams? What kind of vibe do you get from them? How do they look in your minds eye?

Just because they might be sexual, doesn’t make them a ubi. Anything can be sexual.

Also do you feel tired/drained at all after/during interactions?

Have you tried divination?

Corrected since I don’t know the gender and some can switch/be androgynous

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