Ritual/Spell for Selling an Item

I am trying to sell my car which is in great condition and I feel should have sold by now.
I rejected some of the initial offers for it because I thought I would get more for it but I have since lowered the price to what they had offered.

Problem is that there are plenty of similar cars on the market at the moment (there weren’t when I bought it) and everyone wants to try and get me down on the price even more. I am not going to budge from the price I have it listed for now.

What ritual or spells would you guys and girls recommend to help me sell it?

Are there any spirits you recommend me working with?
And what should I aim to do exactly? While I have had guys come and check out my car I also find that women are interested in it as well.
Should I do a spell that aims to trigger an emotional response from someone viewing the car?

It’s a nice car and it’s actually a steal for what I am selling it for, I bought it only a few months ago for $3K more than I am asking for it and it is still in great condition.

Perhaps a novelty spell, something to induce a fixation in the customers.

And/or a transmutation to turn it into cash.

Tell me how this goes. I have tons of Vinyls, CDs, and Tapes I am trying to sell.

I just sold my car.

I am always cautious about working with new spirits because until I work with them I don’t really know what they are like.
And sometimes spirits behave differently with different people.

I had someone come and view the car, unfortunately there were even more cars for sale with lower kilometres than mine that were later models.

The guy that came showed me another car they were going to check out.
While it was the same price as to what he agreed to pay for mine, he probably would have been able to get a better price on it.
And it had travelled less than mine, actually about 1/3 of the distance.
And the guys wife liked the colour of the other car more as well.
So I thought fuck, this is fucked - how am I going to sell this car?

So I evoke King Paimon and ask him for help, I tell him to influence the guy to buy it.
He responds to me: "IT IS DONE!"
I question King Paimon on this and he very firmly assures me it is done, and tells me not to doubt for one second what he says.
And I am thinking to myself really? Like why would he buy my car over the others.
I wouldn’t, the early service history on it isn’t too good - while I do think it is still in good condition none the less it doesn’t look too attractive to a buyer.

The guy told me the reason he chose to buy my car over the later models with much lower readings on the odometer was because he thought I was of good character and a good person to buy a car from.
And even though there were other cars he had a look at that had travelled less and were later models he still felt like he wanted to buy my car.

If anyone else has anything at all to contribute to this thread I would greatly appreciate it and I am sure others would too.


Were you happy with the price you got, and do you consider the ritual was a success?

What I had asked King Paimon to do was to get him to buy the car at the price that we agreed on instead of the other cars. I did get the price we agreed on, the price I had it advertised for was well above what I knew I would get.
I advertised it as a high price so I wouldn’t get ridiculous offers.

The reason I sold the car was so I could get another car that I had been looking for.
I did a ritual to get that car as well, I evoked King Paimon and I structured the car in front of me. I imagined myself driving it, I saw it in my drive way.
A couple days later I found the car I was looking for in great condition, at a great price! The guy who advertised it didn’t do a good job with the advertisement, no pictures and no description
I thought at first “there must be something major wrong with this car”. There wasn’t however (I had it inspected by a mechanic so I know what condition it is in.)
It is now in my garage, I am very happy with the results.


Nice work! :slight_smile:

I can understand him wanting to buy from someone he liked, I buy crafting gear off Ebay & have favourite sellers who seem to put a bit more effort in, and that usually beats looking for the lowest price every time.

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Hi DeathWish, I joined just to tell you thanks!

I was in a similar boat except it was with two earth moving pieces of equipment.

I decided to attack one at a time. The first one was in FAIR condition with a WHOLE LOTTA hours. Several people came and looked but did not purchase.

In terms of evocation I do not really like it so I do a summoned presence. To cut a long story short summoned paimon and asked if he could please get me a buyer before 2019 ended. A buyer came on NYE and bought it for the price I was asking. Similar to your story it was the weirdest thing he was from another state and just looked at it and said I will be taking it. Three hours later he returned with a cheque and that was that. No mechanical inspection or anything. I was stunned!

I have another piece of equipment that I want gone asap and will be doing the same thing.

I also want to add that in addition to summoning paimon I also did a spell with a green candle, dressed with money drawing oil and rolled in my fingernail clippings.

Deathwish I want to thank you again! Wishing you all the best in the new decade.

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Hi deathwish how do I exactly summon King Paimon I’ve been trying to sell my car for a month now and can’t seem to sell it can you please tell me how I do this I joined just to ask

Hi Satan’s daughter I checked DeathWish’s profile and it has been awhile now since he has posted. I used Theodore Rose’s Pathworking book to summon Paimon I hope this helps. It is such a pity DeathWish did not state which method he had used as I am curious myself.

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