change human form ??

Does a demon have to change the human form? Or is there any entity of beauty? it is possible ?


“Create Beaty or shine a light on that which is beautiful.”^^

Sorry you just reminded me to quote that.^^



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You should introduce yourself to the forum memebers.

Have to change the human form…Like how? Give details.

Sure, there are.

But i don’t clearly understand you.


There are several threads on shapeshifting here. :slight_smile: Although it’s mostly general infow


like a change the body, the characteristics of the person ?

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Demons ARE entities, so, am I hearing you don’t want to work with some entities because of a label placed on them by a human religion?
I’m not aware of an ‘entity of [your own] [human] beauty’ other then you yourself - your definition will not be the same as other people’s, and you don’t want to look like the most gorgeous lion that ever lives I suppose.
Yes it’s possible, with and without another entities help.

Focused energy working meditations done daily for months will have some effect. I gave myself an extra 1/2 in height this way. Daemons will probably be faster when your Qigong techniques aren’t hugely developed.

I would guess that any entity that specialises in human healing will be able to affect the body in other ways as well. How about the daemon Raphael, who happens to be an angel in the Abrahamic religions?

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What meditations should I do and with what entity should I work ?

I think this is not possible.

Of course it’s possible. Marbas can do wonders :grin:


This is your journey, it’s for you to start researching and trying out paths so you can decide.

If you want to know more about Qigong, One of my favourites is ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong’ by Jwing Ming Jang, but nothing beats an in person class if you can find one.