Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

Ohh thanks :))

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Look at it like this: Would you give $150, 000 to someone you just met, or someone you have been a good friend with for ten years?

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Hmm… someone whos been good friend for 10 years, cuz not only im good frnd with them, but also developed good trust on them in my opinion

That’s his point. It’s a rhetorical question. No one would give some $150,000 who they just met. Therefore one should not give spirits blood that one doesn’t know well


Well I think I’ll be trying this tonight

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My candle went out because of stearin on 20 minute mark did it fail?

I just have 1 question: is the letter specifically to Lilith or the succubus you want to attract? Should I begin with “Dear Lady Lilith”? Or do I just write what I want the succubus to see?

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The letter is to Lilith, asking Her to send you one of Her daughters. You describe the traits you want in a companion, and Lilith will then send a succubus that possesses those characteristics.

So, you would write something like:

"Dear Lilith,

I ask you to send one of your daughters to me, to be my lover and companion. I am lonely, and seek love and companionship.

Please, may she be of even temper, and beautiful, with a quirky sense of humour and sparkling intelligence. A powerful sorceress, may the daughter you choose be, to work with me in my spiritual Ascension.

Please, I humbly ask this of you, Lady Lilith, with all my heart."

Note: This is just an example lol


Thank you so much this is EXACTLY what I was looking for

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Remember it is your intention and will that matters most, the letter should be a physical expression of that, and not just something you would send to a lawyer

(I don’t mean how explicit you write, but put your actual thoughts, desire and lust into the concept)
passion and patience is key

Thank you for sharing. I did this ritual yesterday and she came to me that night. It has been wonderful getting to know her and I’m greatful to Lilith for sending her.


This is very interesting and I will give it a try. I have had the demon lover experience before but sometimes it is hard to tell if it is really happening or if it is just my imagination. Only once did I feel it where there was no break in the connection and I don’t mean to be graphic but he would be gentle and then intensify becoming really rough to the point of the bed squeaking loudly. Anyhow my experience of it was more energy and feeling full. Not feeling penetration per se but feeling full inside of me. But, I would like for it to feel more real. Like poltergeist activity real if you know what I mean. Maybe I could state that in my letter of intent. Anyhow I have rambled enough. Thank you for the post!


Thank you for sharing this. You answer pretty much all of my questions.

Hello, I’m new here as well as new to magic. I just finished performing the summoning and I think it went well. After I said the chant and burned my letter I stood up and I felt alot of tingling below my calf’s but above my ankles, felt like they were being held and I felt a bit dizzy. I left the candle to burn and when I went to sit down on my bed I laid my head against the wall and the right side of my neck felt warmer then cold the warm again, I say that he may have been giving me little kisses on my neck. My body is a little sensitive but I never get any sensations on my neck unless it’s being touched it if I’m listening to an audio of sorts. I’ll be getting ready for bed soon and see if anything else happens. Either way I’m really happy and excited to find out what will happen next also no he hasn’t shown himself to me yet but I’m hoping he’ll do so in the future

Welcome @_mi_mi It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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I agree… For example…my incubus partner…touched my hand while I was lighting a diya ( a lamp in hindu spirituality to a dev…hindu god)…he is curious and I was like surprised…he let me know that he would like to participate in activities I normally do…just as a human male partner would…he is very sweet natured. So …no they don’t feel threatened, angry or scared in Temple, church or any other place of worship. Those all ideas are Hollywood nonsense…


Is it weird that I didn’t have to do any of this? When I was reading through this post I was thinking about what kind of incubus I wanted, and i felt like lillith was listening already. I then sat in a meditative position and automatically felt a heavy presence, I hadn’t even stated my request yet.

Some people feel that our succubus/incubus have followed or been with us for a while before we even do our letters. Mine had been watching me for over a year at the side of my bed. Touching, dreams, etc didn’t start in till I did my letter.


You may write…Dear Lady Lilith or Goddess Lilith. All the best👍🏻