Lucifer in ancient egypt?

Ok, lets take an example that Aphrodite and Venus was born from Jupiter (I have to refresh myself on Greek, so I will just make this up as I go to give an example). Both essentially share the same energy from Jupiter. Another one is that Aphrodite was born from Venus’s energy, but Aphrodite is its own unique being with Venusian qualities. I guess what I am saying is that when you take the essence from some other being and give it a new form… its kind of like giving birth to a new conscicousness. So in this case, Aphrodite WAS Venus, because Aphrodite came from Venus’s essence… but in Present/Modern time Aphrodite will still be Aphrodite.

That is the reason I am applying the physical analogy of lineages as in a sense it equates to things like Humans remembering past lives, as in some circles it is a ritualistic practice where one is reborn through their children… which isn’t too far from the truth, because one passes information via the DNA, but one can do so via spiritual means as well.

So if “calling it” Venus is basically the defined form, this is the equivalent (on an informational and spiritual/energetic level) of a Physical Body. So one then has many Venusian Entities that are born from Venus. You then have all these cult groups that will have their followers that will hypothesize “This God was this God,” as a result of an Entity/God/Being having strong ties of Venusian characteristics.


Without getting too long winded I will try to cut to the point. Ever play the game in school where everyone sits shoulder to shoulder and whispers in the persons ear next to them a Sentence or Phrase, and over time the said sentence changes, due to people putting their own spin on it? Near the end, it is no longer the original.

So the same thing happens with the ideas of Gods. First there is a group of Gods… at some point people either
a) change or alter the information on a God due to any number of reasons… War, corruption of transmission of knowledge, etc.
b) decide they like another gods ideas or energy and so tie it into their newly created or Modern God in an attempt to say “this God must’ve been this God from a Past life…their energy is too similar.” Maybe… but…

  • My next point I am going to make is this… So I mentioned first the Game of Passing on the Whispered Secret… this is very similar to the idea of Gods evolving over time due to knowledge changing via either two methods.

  • One can take this further to relate it on the Physical level where an Evolved Godlike human soul (Lets say its Lucifer Ra to give the spirit a unique name) has a Child… and the Gift of Spirit handed down from The Father to his Son makes the Son Lucifer-Ra… So the Son is essentially Lucifer-Ra next in line of lineage…

  • But rather… he is not the exactly same Lucifer Ra, as in evolution he is combining the Essence of his Father with his own unique Essence. Like the Whispered Secret Game… over a period of time Newer Generations will put their own spin on it… to say where lets say Lucifer Ra in the Past followed a certain tradition of only marrying certain types of Women… in the Newer Generations due to any number of reasons, Lucifer Ra may just decide to break tradition and marry and procreate with someone Spicier, more Modest, or someone from a different background. This in turn completely changes the Foundational Essence of Lucifer Ra.

  • So to Summarize… When I look at any single God, I view it from a perspective of the History of its Soul… if Lucifer was Ra in a past life… I am going to look at and try and figure out how exactly such a being got that connection… because one really doesn’t know what Sorceroric or Cult manipulations were present that may of decided certain information was associated with a being (i.e. demons for some reason in some circles being all Blonde Haired and Blue Eyed). You can be very sure I am going to do a full investigation into all the influences as to why if I am interested enough that is…


Aphrodite was born from Zeus, and Venus was born from Jupiter.

And okay, so then you and I have very different views of gods and goddesses, and this isn’t something that will be resolved. Let’s just agree to disagree.


Jesus Christ is actually Lucifer! Freemasons know this closely guarded secret.


Sounds like Lucifer is just as much a title as Satan or Baal, how interesting. :thinking:

Based on my own workings with Lucifer i’d say Ra or Horus by what’s said in the mythology, all though i’ve never worked directly with anything in that pantheon intimately but Set.

Set’s attitude about the whole thing was make up your own mind, make up your own rules, who cares, what difference does it make? And FUCK APEP!!! Punk ass little worm.


I’ve been getting some really wild UPG’s lately. According to my UPGs Odin=Lucifer=Set. I’ve heard others say this and I’m starting to agree. But I’ll still work with them individually because I’m not one hundred percent sure.


The FreeMasons used to be a great organizations, but were corrupted with Religion. Anything Occult is Secret until revealed. Then of course the reason Christ is Lucifer is something you would have to look further into to understand its occult nature rather than just blindly believing it.


Hi ! I’m sorry I arrived late for the party ! But I hope I’m not too late . I do agree with @ashtkerr he seemed to read my mind.

I definitely see Luciferan traits in both Apophis and Set


Well, the myths around Aphrodite’s birth is actually really obscure and the goddess herself hasn’t told me much about her origins except that love is a universal emotion that has been existent since the beginning of man time .

The story goes (according to Hesiod) that way before the olympians, Gaia hated Uranus and wanted to kill him, so she set her children against him ( The Cyclopes, The Earthborn and the titans ) they chained Uranus and in the process Cronus severed his fathers genitals and threw it to the sea down below.

The blood and semen then proceeded to fertilize the waters and from sea foam Aphrodite was born in Cyprus and rode her sea shell to shore and everyone marveled in rapture at the miraculous birth of such a goddess.

This is an older myth, and we can decide aspects of the goddess from this. She does have a special connection with the Cyprus beach, it’s one of her sacred places on earth.

But more importantly according to this myth Aphrodite is a very old goddess, older than the Olympians and even older than Hecate who was born from Asteria.

She survived through the battle of the titans and the olympians and was able to integrate with the olympians very easily. Of course she naturally has traits that help to do this.

But it does tell us an interesting thing about love doesn’t it ? That it is a primal universal emotion as old as the ancient gods themselves


Gonna leave a little quote here i thought it was interesting… “As the Morning Star, Venus was manifest as the female Ishtar; as the Eventing Star was masculine. These are the two distinct manifestations of Ishtar as the goddess of love and war. The male deity of the Evening Star is a “bearded” Ishtar. While this opposite depiction of Ishtar might be slightly confusing it should be noted that in Bronze and Iron Age Syria and Canaan the male god Ashtar (Lucifer) was identified in the Baal Cycle as a warlike and terrible god.” Yes this not Egyptian but it relates to the different masks of Lucifer.

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Allow me to shed some light.


-A Living God

You need to make an introduction.

Yea… that is kinda right…

except atlantean lucifer is not same being than 2020 lucifer…

and on second note, why you think same gods were always on top on every religion, why you think they are connecteable anyway, dont you think you might be fuckin your whole fuckin occult with thoughtforms if you use time to this kind of thinking…


=Melek Ta’us

Jesus =divinity =superman=osirian dramma
Solomon =Sun

Actually no, Melek Ta’us was linked to Azazel no Lucifer.

However I do agree on the Lucifer being a mask of Enki.

The Yezidi people are forbidden to say the name “Shaitan.” They refer to Satan as “Melek Ta"us.” Melek means “King.” He is known as the Peacock Angel because of his beauty and pride. He is the “Proud One” and “Ruler of the Earth.” He is a God of Light rather than of darkness and is concerned with the destinies of the world. 4 The Yezidis represent Satan by both the peacock and the snake. “The peacock represents the beauty of the worshipped God and the snake represents his wisdom because he is both beautiful and wise.” Their holy relic is the copper sanjak, an image of the peacock. 6

The Yezidis play the flute and the tambourine at their festivals and dance; “a worship which led to every excess of debauchery and lust.”

Also “Tausi”…in Kiswahili means peacock

In my opinion, Ea and Melek Taus are aspects of Azazel (it is even specifically mentioned in the Black Book that Azazel is another name for Melek Taus). Ea and Azazel share many functions and through his aspect as Silvanus (or Pan) he has been depicted as a goat-fish which is what Ea is depicted as.

Lucifer in my eyes is a aspect of Attar and Mithra if anything due to sharing a lot more functions. However, if you do believe that Azazel is a aspect of Lucifer I can understand where you are coming from.

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