Break out of your shell and become an extroverted playboy - Ultimate Social Layered Spell

Who would be a good replacement for Ipos and Hagenti ? I don’t have their sigils and I have no paper to draw them out .

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Fucking awesome. Thanks

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Good work, thanks!

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with women you can make a pact with Azazel he’s a lust crazy woman obsessed maniac since knowing him I have become more smooth and attractive towards females even though my looks and style haven’t changed at all and I am very average basic looking… women look at me more and I can be around near them without getting kicked in the balls or pepper sprayed


as a sorcerer I start viewing other ppl as below me and not worth my time I was even like this before the occult just a cold person who likes being alone but I get OPs point

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@Nameless Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Just click below:



Look at what he has here and open them from that image… Be creative!


I find this to be a destructive way of seeing things and also a good way to land yourself into trouble with another Magician.
Most don’t like being looked down on or talked down to “just because”.


yeah I know but always been this way very cold and distant I don’t mind working with the spirits or the dead but living humans I avoid

Fire, reading you is as satisfying as always.

Fire, do you plan on making a list with spirits to use for baneful magick ?

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if I’m a woman can I use this layered spell too?


For sure, just change any masculine elements of the spell to feminine, according to your intuition.


Thank you brother

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Coincidently I have been working with haagenti and was planning once calling to other spirits for this kind of help. Haagenti put me in the right path because yet again you saved my day just like when you posted about what to do to pass an exam. To update you I ended up getting a high score on my final that shocked me and my teacher who thought I was gonna fail smh. Thank you for this


Ever since this was posted, I haven’t been able to get Haagenti out of my mind smh. I totally have to do this sooner than later. That picture makes him look so damn attractive :tired_face:


did you just open his sigili and asks or did you have to do a full evocation?


As always, a very powerful spell. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

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Question: I first petitioned several demons via Ritual 1 from Demons of Magick but when no demon other than Agares responded, I ditched the angel protection and went straight to chanting a power word from the Demons of Magick book or the chant shared here “Itz Mantantu…” followed by gazing at the sigil and chanting the demon’s name until I felt it was as good as it was going to get. Then I read my petition three times, burned it, and gave the license to depart. I have a four out of five success rate with Agares. I have one out of five with Belial and zero (at least that I can detect) with any other spirit called upon when doing it via the full angel protection ritual.

And by response I mean a result. I’ve tried evocation and have never once seen or heard a demon (or an angel). I feel a change in my body temperature, room temperature and sometimes in the way the candle or incense moves.

Would the method I’ve worked out with Agares, work here? Or do you suggest another?

Oke. I also have one question but it’s completely another nature…
I ask because I am really curious how this is even possible… (I don’t want to sound bad or unpleasant. I don’t want to offend anyone, I ask because I’m just curious)

I was wondering about it, how is this even possible …
You talk with Demons/Spirits - a higher beings - stronger and smarter than you by thousand times, a fucking badasses from other realms - they know everything about you and they can crush you in a minute - anyway, you SUMMON them and TALK with them …

But you are afraid to talk with normal people like you, a human beings like you with similar potential and nature?

where’s logic? I don’t understand.