Do we need to open a sigil for an offering? I have head in food items you can draw the sigil, but do we need to open it? Also for the entities that like coffee, are there coffee cups with their sigils on it?

No need for a seal. The intent of offering is enough.

Simply take a few deep breaths to settle your mind, and then speak and say something like “i give this wine to the mighty Belial, as a gift of my respect and appreciation.”

If you have an altar dedicated to the specific spirit, then simply placing the offering on the altar can be all that is required, with a genuine feeling of thanks.


Oh good, I hope Lucifer liked the Hershey chocolate bar, I was at a park, I told all other entites hands off, this is for Lucife, and Lucifer only, and then promply put it in the trash can, knowing trash would be picked up for a couple of days

I agree :slight_smile:

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I am sure yes. It’s a very small but yet symbolic beautiful gesture. :heart:

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