Advice on how to make the chicken feet spell non-lethal

Hello there. I am going to curse someone with the burried chicken feet curse. I totally want to make that person to suffer years and years for all the pain they have caused me, and I have chosen this spell because of the “foot stopping” part, in which you “stop the feet” of the enemy so they can no longer hurt and attack you. But I also don’t want them to die, as my biggest satisfaction would be to have them powerless and in pain, publicly humiliated and socially isolated and have the chance to watch this. However I have read that the spell sometimes eventually kills the cursed person, and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen. Any advice on the modifications I would have to do on the ritual for that matter?

I have thought about changing the color of the ribbon from black to purple, as in the Voudon tradition black is used for death curses and purple for dominance/power weakening ones. Another option would be not to burry the bundle, but to place it into a jar and throw it down the river from a bridge situated at crossroads.

What suggestions do you have?

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You cast your intent. It won’t kill unless you want it to kill.

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I suggest working with a wicked spirit as they can work in a specific way to give you specifically what you want