Vampiric Abilities?

Ever since I was young I was obsessed with vampires, I studied them so much I found surefire ways to tell one from the crowd but have never actually interacted with one. My quest started when I was reading an old grimoire I had from when I was 8 and anyone who read my old profile would know is when I got into the LHP. I’ve seen vampires but all the info I had found proved different ways to become a vampire.

I tried those stupid listening things and spells from the web but it seems the only trustable source is here and a blog I found by a vampire I could tell was real (Never interacted, just saw and wrote to).

Question: Does anyone know a true way to become a vampire? Not those stupid Holly
wood ones but the ones that are real, the ones who can be born vampires, the ones who know beef jerky and yogurt aren’t supplements for blood.

I thank you for any input. :sunglasses: Jason out!


Get in contact with Lilith or Naamah as they can teach you the arts of vampirism. I’m learning from Naamah as part of my pact with her. Warning: Actual vampirism can drive one insane. So, be best prepared, mentally; if you want to dive into that.


Thanks for the info, I currently work best with Lilith so I will definitely ask her. As I said before thank you for your info! :grin:


get rabies(not litteraly)

I recommend also practising vampiric necromancy. That shit is higly powerfull.


How does vampiric necromancy work? Also, is there any beings I could work with that could help guide me with the process?

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It works just like the vampirism that you use with Lilith or Naamah. But then again, vampirism in general can be tweaked to be a constant effect. Vampirism is quite a wide and versatile practise in practicality. Ever practised vampirism?And I would also recommend taking the practises of vampirism and utilising it in working with spirits who teach necromancy. To call upon these spirits when you haven´t worked with them, the only thing you truely need is a crosroad and call upon such being in the crossroad.


Never heard of necromancy vampirism. I’d look into it but have no interest in necromancy. Although I’m sure I’ll have to dive into it sooner or later through the Qlipoth Tree when I meet Lord Balphegor.

Yeah, most likely at some point. What Qlipoth spirits do you work with right now?

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Through the tree itself I’m still at the first Qlipha with Naamah but I’m also in a pact with Lilith and Belial.

Nice, so you are on the nightside of Qlipoth. I like it personally due to Samael beeing in there.

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Its a Part of Ahriman magic. Its wonderful and a lot of work and dedication

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Yup, and I might one day work with the Light side as well as I think Lilith want’s me to work with both sides of the tree.

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I’m totally new to this website and this caught my attention and I’m wanting to learn about it. Is there anything you can help me with? You said you have a pact learning about vampirism. How do I do that?

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Aset and Set can also teach vampirism as they each have a race of vampire entities under them, albeit from experience the race considers themselves vampire 2nd to what their creators (Set and Aset) considers them.

Oh lol when i was 11 i wished the same XD i thought being vampire was cool, nd having da abilities like super senses, high speed, nd also abt eye colour change :joy::joy: nd i have no idea how many spells i have tried just bcz of wanting to become a vamp
Contact lilith, shez also called queen of vampires, i guess… i don’t remember ^^’