Hecate vs Kali

Hello all,

I thought about starting a discussion comparing goddess Hecate and goddess Kali.

How do they compare? How are they different ? What qualities do they share? Are they compatible? What about working together etc… you get the idea…

Let’s start this


Both are dark goddess.

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They can’t be compared because they are totally different


They’re focuses are different hecate the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy and Kali is considered the Goddess of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love.

So pretty much they’re too different to really compare as their scope of presence is different, besides both being considered dark Goddesses.


Energy, vibration, current, working, agenda,…

I actually have a statue of each one. In my magick work so far, it has subjectively felt like Kali (Kali Ma with my focus, chants, etc.) has been more helpful, stronger vibe with me. But that is just a personal deal with me. It isn’t to say at all that one is better than the other. Some other folks may vibe better with Hecate than Kali. And that’s fine.


Fascinating comparison between two seemingly different yet similiar godesses! While it is difficult to graze more than the mere surface unless able to describe both of their origins and stories in depth (i reccomend if interested in this topic), Hecate, most often linked with the dark of the moon and presides over magic, ritual, prophetic vision, childbirth, death, the underworld, and the secrets of regeneration. She guards the depths of our unconscious and the way to the collective conscious. Symobolized by many things but commonly as the maiden, mother and crone she is the mistress of the crossroads, dwells in caves, walks the highways at night, makes love on the vast seas, and is the force that moves the moon. Kali the destroyer of demons is commonly depicted as a fierce multi armed goddess (compare to Hecate multi faced/body depiction) wearing the skulls of demons around her neck and a long tounge said to catch the demon Raktabija’s blood before it hit the gound in their battle to stop new demons from forming. I think it is important to note however Kali develops in her stories in what could be interpreted as the maiden, the mother and the crone. Additionally while both goddesses certainly maintain their individual representations Kali is essentially a symbol of Mother Nature herself. Primordial, creative, nurturing and devouring in turn, but ultimately loving and benevolent. In this aspect of goodness she is referred to as Kali Ma, Mother Kali, or Divine Mother. A representation of the cycle of destruction and rebirth both Kali and Hecate depict and in a way guard the secrets of rebirth and death. Just as Kali is representative of time and is said to be old as time, Hecate’s origins place her near the onset of creation. I promise the deeper you look into and trybto understand the origins and essence of these two goddesses, truly the more alike they become.


Love what you wrote , thank you for your contribution.

Besides Hecate is a Titan Goddess, so different “generation” than Kali. Along with another difference, they’re from two different Pantheon/Families.

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Is kali able to help with astral projection?

Kali is the feminine aspect of the Kundalini…when she moves through/activates the chakras a person may be able to astral project naturally as one travels through the planes…begins to blend /ascend multidimensionally.
I don’t know if praying to her would help navigate an astral projection or not.
So a solid “maybe!”

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And thou they are completely different… A witch should try to work with the Goddess of the witches, which is Hecate