I had a dream about this Lwa, I won’t give all the details publicly but I clearly heard this name in it. I guess I can say that in my dream for some reason this Lwa was connected to a figurine of a mouse or some similar small animal.

If anyone could share anything about this Lwa and how to properly approach him, I’d appreciate it very much.

His name is Lenglensou. I don’t know too much about him but they say he is a fierce lwa and he’s feared and respected by all. I don’t know about the small animal you’d seen though. Try to research more on him

I have tried finding some information about him since I’ve posted this, but all I found were some vague general statements or rumors (like he’s fierce, punishes oath breakers etc.).

I later tried to get information out of the spirits about this lwa and I got a vision of a mighty African warrior or some tribal leader who was betrayed and poisoned by those close to him and then he bled out of his mouth and nose and died in agony. And apparently he is very old.
That small animal was more of a message to me personally and is not really related to this lwa.

Not sure how accurate is this, maybe someone could confirm or refute this.

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Maybe he contacted you so that YOU could bring forth more information and share it, and outside initiatory schools?

Maybe there’s something awesome for you here? Divination/asking spirits you trust might be a good next step.

I did find out why he contacted me, but this information wouldn’t be of any use to anyone on here.
What I shared is pretty much what I got out of spirits, and my information seems to be more or less in line with the little I’ve read about him (he hates betrayal, likes to punish traitors, gives protection etc.). I did also hear something about washing away betrayal and shame with blood and blood (life force) being taken as the payment in place of whatever the person promised/owes (loyalty, etc.).

I seriously doubt, it would make sense to work with him for someone who doesn’t practice this tradition. Sure, he is powerful and I guess bringing forth punishment and suffering might sound “juicy” for some, but he sure ain’t the spirit you could approach all willy nilly. It would require for the operator to learn at least something about the tradition and other spirits first, which would of course take some time. So I guess what I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be feasible for someone trying to get quick results. Thats just my opinion of course.


Since he contacted you, maybe he saw something in you that he likes or that reminded him of his self. Do you want justice for something that happened to you around the time you seen him? Maybe he wants you to honor him in some way.

Nothing really happened to me per se at that time, though I know that some people were trying to work against me. To my undestanding, he wanted to give me his protection, because I’ve been serving lwa for while now (despide lack of initiation) and they view me as one of their children.

hey are you still serving this deity? I just realized in the same.intuitive fashion that may be one of the facets/archetype of this masculine energy I’ve been trying to understand better? wanna chat about it? the eating glass part is the thing that gets me.



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