Relationship with King Paimon

Okay for the past few weeks ive been invoking King Paimon on a daily basis so i can build a relationship a menaningful relationship with him.
My questions have pertained to his orgins and how he came to be a king and who were the first to really for lack of a better term worship him.
I’ve stated to him my intrests and the things i will be going over with him in our studies together and he is most receptive to the way i have approached him.
Ive entered into a patronage with him but before i got indepth with him it was important for me to get to know him from him so I’d have a better since of what he is bestowing me with.
I felt if i just invoked him and starting ask for this and that that wouldn’t be truly respecting him or his status of being a king. Just for my own self no one else i felt it was the most important and respectful way to approach the situation.
Last night he finally told me basicly its time to get to the heart of the matter and get to work with my education. The only thing ive asked of him was to come into my life , my soul , and very essence to remake me and to become as one with him as he’ll allow. Not so much as in his image but as a favored disciple or his right hand so to speak.
He laughed and told me i don’t ask for much just the stars… But he took me seriously and said well lets tear down and see what i have to build on. So i am eager for each new day to come and lesson I’ll learn and yes even the pain to come of being remolded and forged into a being that can gain true knowledge from the wisdow of even from and ant and its daily tasks. So i look forward to whats to come and i will be posting more on my journey with King Paimon…


Thanks for sharing!

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If you manage to figure something out about that guy besides what’s already known, I will definitely be interested.

I love the guy, but he is all about his Mysteries.


I wil definately keep you posted on my worki n gs with the great king.

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That’s what I love the most about King Paimon. One time he scoffed at me after i asked for something and said my request was trivial, even for a King to consider…but since I asked with so much passion and because it mattered to me and had the nerve to ask him anyway, he obliged. You really have to go in with balls of steel, but respectfully, so to speak, when dealing with King Paimon. If you know deep down in your heart and trust that he can help you…not expect, but trust him to help you, if he wants to, he will help.

Thank you for posting :rose:


Hi there, Ive recently had my eyes opened, and I feel King Paimon in my mind constantly I want to begin working with him. Ive not made any kind of contact other than thinking deeply on His magnificence, and spoke out loud about what I would like, when working with Him and Lucifer as the 2 are reputedly close compatriots.

As it stands I dont have any incense candles etc yet I know I need to get Their sigils which is easy enough any advice on how to BEGIN a relationship with Him would be great.

I realise Im new to this so please be respectful, Ive seen some nasty stuff posted by people trying to have a laugh at the “newcomers” expense I really want to learn the left hand path.

Thank you

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