New to the Supernatural - I have some questions

Hey guys! complete new goer here. Not knowledgeable on this stuff. Recently taken an interest in the supernatural. Binge watched heaps of EA Koetting’s videos finding it extremely fascinating. Nothing in the material world seems to gratify me much anymore. The supernatural always has me hooked.

I have some questions for those who are invested in this kind of thing. You’d be doing a great service to answer some concerns I have!

What are the risks and dangers of dealing with Demonic spirits? Are they harmful? Will they actually work on your behalf to improve said aspect of your life? And do they require something in return?

How does a beginner/complete newbie begin communication and working with these entities diving into the unknown? Or is this a big mistake.

Once evoked a spirit(s), is it possible to get rid of it? Return back to normal? Does it change your life forever?

Whats your opinion on the lake of fire. Do you guys feel/accept damnation or is this just a fear tactic? Are the flames actually torment

What is it like working with Lucifer

Any advice for a complete beginner? What Godhood/magic/spirituality tips to start with? cheers.


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I’m so sorry to see so many good questions from you.
As really MOST of them have been answered again and again already.
Use the seurch function, and read on the forum.

Now, i still want to adress something specifically, from what you’ve asked:

The Lake of fire is similar to the Christian understanding of where souls are tormented until the resurrection before the last day of judgment.
But to fully understand it, there’s a lot more you need to know,
and that knowledge liberates you from any torment which would have endured otherwise,
if stuck back in old and wrong understandings.

Now here’s the catch:
Christianity demonized all forms of Sex,
and turned it into a Sin somewhere around the middle ages.

They found that this Dogma was extremely useful to control and manipulate the people within their reign of influence, and since they slaughtered most people sticking to other faith systems,
it became very dominant.
Now that concept of priesthood and only loving god and no one on earth,
but just god,
came with an obvious flaw:
Recreation is necessary, to have a hoard of sheep to shepherd about.
So it’s basically a real issue that all people who’re actually keeping the economy going,
are in Sin by default.
There were ways to solve the problem:
1, is a specific calendar, which explained to those believers the exact days where it was allowed to have sex, for recreational purpose.
That combined with special closes where the man and woman had the genitals accessible after opening the bottom of something you’d call a jumpsuit of full body suit today.
(which is funny, because the most similar thing to that you can find today is sold through companies like Orion or Beate Use, and clearly belongs to fetish/kink today.)

there’s been introduced the purgatory realm,
which many today understand as Hell,
even tho hell looks completely different.

But that’s an own topic, and I wrote about it before, you’ll find it on the forum.

The key here was, that the Sins where basically removed by burning (as fire was considered a purifying, probably a concept which derived from Smithing and cooking)
So the Souls of those who had sinned where sent there to be cleansed to be able to go back to god.
Now we could discuss how that in itself is evil, but that’s not the point i want to bring about.
The essential key understanding to grasp here is:
The realm of living fire,
or Lake of Fire,
is obviously not a place of pure pain,
as the beings which had been sent there,
kind of been imprisoned for eternity,
from a tyrannical concept of understanding divinity.
And since those beings weren’t stupid,
and in many cases held very drastically different spiritual views then their accusers,
they learned to access other realms out of that.
Hence, Demons must be conjured, in order to show up, they don’t just randomly roam around out of boredom.
Now of course, those fire based creatures are found in different concepts of societies aswell:
the Muslims call them Djinn,
and consider them similar, but different to Angels.
They’re considered evil and wicked in there just like the fallen angels are considered evil and wicked in Christianity.
There’s a good reason for that.
They’ve been given a lot of reason to hate that “God” Yahweh,
and fight against him.
Not to forget, that God himself had shown absolute psychopathy towards his “beloved” creation several times.

So, in a sense, yes demons are wicked, but only towards those who give them a reason to be so.
Or, when sent to go about a specific task - as that’s what Evokation is about and for.

Well, yes and no.
yes in terms of you can close the relationships towards spirits and ignore them and they’ll ignore you after a while aswell.
No, in terms of what you’ve learned and received from working with them won’t just fade away, you’ll still know that you’ve once been able to bend reality according to your will,
and honestly, that’s difficult in itself to go away from.
Giving up power and freedom which has been gained isn’t easy for once you really have it,
since power is very addictive in some ways.

Again, a question where my gut just ackes when reading it.
You can learn it, there are countless teachers out in the world,
explaining the methods and mechanisms.
E.A. is a very good teacher, for he has really worked through a lot of different pathways himself,
and is giving his knowledge towards others for them to learn and grow and prosper.

But the “is it a big mistake” -well, only if you want to consider it that way.
If you choose to see it that way, none of us can help you about that.^^

Well, just consider an immortal caring father figure,
kind of like Yahweh is depicted but actually caring about those beneath him.
Lucifer is considered in many satanic groups to be the one light which leads all those in darkness.
Christianity, of course, now mocks against that again, calling it the false light.
But then again, how can it be that false, if it prevails throughout the millennia?

Now for those who’ve actually met him,
and worked through several different pantheons,
it’s quite obvious that Lucifer is less of a person,
and more of a title.
It means “the enlightened” or “the enlightened”,
and in a way, that title applies to Buddha (which by the way means enlightened as well,
the actual first Buddha was Sidauta Gutama -hope I didn’t butcher the spelling of his name too much),
And of course, there are many more concepts to discover and see for yourself.
(i don’t want to spoil all of it in just one post, right?)
Just know that:
Jesus - Yeshua in its real native tongue,
is an Enlightened as well. So he’s a Lucifer,
according to the meaning of the word itself.

I hope this was enough Theo-Genisis,
for you to get started and open your eyes.

Oh and the main difference between working with Lucifer,
compared to working with Yahweh??
Lucifer answers when called.
Yahweh doesn’t.



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ok your coming from the rhp to lhp take everything you were toughtand just take it…throw it out the window was like u but working with them is no harm u just gotta respect them n they will respect you other then that feel free to search info there is plenty on her you can pm me if you have question

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