Fighting loneliness

There’s a couple good replies on this post that may help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vual is who you need for this


Thanks @ RE3, I will definitely look at that topic

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Isolation is one of the worst things that can happen to someone.
I can tell you from experience,
demons have tried to isolate me from everyone among many other things.

I don’t wanna go into the details,

But make friends, social life is more important than we realize, till we lose it.
And choose your friends wisely :slight_smile:


That’s right, it’s very important to socialize, to have people at your side for ends and some affection for them.

For a period the demons also isolated me, for me it was necessary for my personal ascension, I was able to concentrate and do many projects, I could detect that people or groups are toxic or did not contribute anything to my life.

But today, I have grown much more in every area of ​​my life, and I say “fuck, I’m pretty alone, I only have myself, my room, my job and nothing else …” and I’m not a person necessarily shy, I develop well with others (the demons have contributed greatly to these advances).

But I’m really alone, and it’s not a complaint, just that I need to improve things internally, do some internal work and then some evocation to change my environment, and that the possibilities are really in my favor as I want.

I really do not want to walk around alone and try to make friends with any stranger like “experiment” you understand me … I really want to attract people and situations


for other magicians who are looking at this topic and feel alluded to, I summarize the answers and help that they have given us


  • Belial
  • Dantalion
  • Sytry
  • Vual

And this forum article: Deity for Friendship


If you haven’t done so already @magusnegris, please introduce yourself here …

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If you haven’t done so already @type_zero, please introduce yourself here …


Good, i know what you mean,

To me, demons create problems and flee,
Not that I am complaining, they fear me and know their place! They know my weakness and do cheap things! But it’s my weakness and I need to work on it.


I’ve been lonely my whole life and every method tried has failed. Oddly enough I feel more lonely surrounded by people. I’m just built differently and find mindless chatter and mundane things just - empty. People are empty, friends, failed relationships etc. Getting more involved in the spirit realm helps, although at times it isolates me further. I just accept I’m not like other people and I have to find happiness, even temporarily, where ever I can.
*Hugs *


There is One spirit in the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos - Tharsis. Its an Undine - Elemental Water spirit. It will be perfect for your scenario. Ask for good loyal friends :slight_smile:

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I understand what you say, I understand it but I do not accept it.

I feel like I was there, I already learned from that, I know how it really feels. I think that this path is about pleasure and joy, and if there is something that “limits” you, then we have to work on it …

I think that saying “I am like that and I understand that I am built like this” is something very much RHP, it is accepting the facts as they are, the black magicians are to change us and our environment! to be happy and joyful! and if people and a fruitful social life can contribute to it, let’s do it!

Greetings and affection to you!


You just told the story of my life man :wink:

I keep telling peeps abot which spirits to ask for what, I am just as lonely as FOREVER LONELY Meme guy, LOLZ :joy::rofl:


Any magic can help!
What I noticed is when I’m more magically active, no matter what I do life starts to change.
Maybe some old-time friendships will pop-up, some existent contacts can become very deep and meaningful or in a short period of time, you can meet some new ppl.

Good luck!


I recommend also using occult techniques or mind frames. First I want it to be understood that I use both the right hand path and left hand path, So I am not preaching all love and light. There is utuber called mindandmagick, who recommends focusing on abundance, what your going through is called being in scarcity. Plus its a negative emotion, AKA your feeling lonely. So I would also suggest banishing negative thoughts and feelings of lonliness in the waning. On the waxing I suggest mercury to change your thought forms( visualise sex or love whatever your fantasies are. The moon hour is also fantasies and emotions, it gives your emotions rhythm and stability and can put you in emotional rhythm with those your attracted to and venus is also attraction and social and relationship skills and sweetens relationships. Venus is specifically social life. I suggest trying these and working with spirits of the goetia and for that i suggest going to the love, sex and relationships section


@magusnegris try this maybe?

You can also program a crystal, a clustered quartz works well, to help you find the right people in offline/material life.

And does have any groups shown where you live? Or are there any meditation circles, reiki greoups, things like that? Casual events you can drop into and not be committed to returning or becoming close right away could be a good way to get back in the habit of meeting people.

Also, please check your messages, green icon, top right - you have mail. :+1:




All though I’m not alone anymore, loneliness has been a part of my life for a very long time. It’s not by choice. It’s just how it is.

When I was a kid, I’ve had the strangest dreams. One particular dream has stuck with me, and I still remember it just as clear, when writing this post:

There’s nothing wrong in being lonely. It’s a fucked up world. A world that’s hard to understand and comprehend. Too many rules, and conflicts that arise, because people are hard to understand.

I feel lonely, but I’m not alone. That’s the difference.


As always thank you very much @Lady_Eva

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I saw your response on horoscope topics and you said that you’re Capricorn…just like me…and don’t you worry…you’re not the only one feeling like that…when meeting new people i just hate how much time it takes for others to ditch their mask and show their true colours…i don’t mind if someone is a monster deep down just ditch that mask from the start and we’ll get along just fine.
So much to give but knowing that people don’t have the same heart of gold like me is something which i cannot forget.
Love and loyalty=that’s what i give and ask from everybody else :wink:

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