Ok, I’ve been following EA’s video blogs with much interest and anticipation and as I get closer to deciding which of his works to start with I need to get some clarification on the core philosophy of Demons vs. Angels etc.
Dear, EA, I will try to keep this short and sweet.
I’ve heard in more than one occasions, in your lectures, talk about the fact that Christianity and the Abrahamic religions have inverted the story or Lucifer, Demonology etc. and that they are definitely NOT evil but our true brothers and sisters etc. However, I have Also heard you more than one times talk of the Hell-bound Demons being unleashed, being evil and foul spirits, scary and devastating and all this.
Now, forgive me if that makes me a bit thick, but I can’t shake the contradiction of these statements.
Is there a heaven and a hell or not?
Are Demons Evil and if they aren’t are they the opposite of Angels? And if so, what does that make Angels?
Is the story inverted so that Angels are really the evil ones and the Demons are the good guys?
Also, what is Hell and if it exists why the Hell (excuse the pun) would I want to associate with that vs. Heaven?
I hope that is a clear statement and I hope it doesn’t come out as combative.
I am just being true to my spirit of freedom and understanding and I need to know what it is that I am aligning my energies with before I do so.

Thank you SO much for your passion, your work and dedication, as well as your honesty and integrity.



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@Megas This topic gets discussed a lot here. I felt the same way before. You’re not alone in asking this. What I will say is that E.A. Is reclaiming the word demon. It has been a slang term for millennia, but he is using it as a badge of honor, along with the terms evil, foul, and infernal. In other words, he is ignoring the stigmas and embracing all of these words, as the antithesis of Abrahamic religion. He’s trying to say, if being outside of JCI is evil then I’m evil and proud of it. We all recognize that the real evil here is the radical supporters of JCI who use violence and fear to push their religion on others. Not all do this, and today violence isn’t used as much by Judaic or Christian organizations. But fear is used. They create fear of that which is without a master, e.g. these dark gods and demons. They (the dark ones) use knowledge and power to spread their message, not brute force. So I for one say I would rather identify with that adversarial force than the Abrahamic god. Is heaven and hell real? Yes, but they are relative to the perception of the practitioner. You don’t go to hell for being a bad boy. Hell journeying through astral travel can be very productive and beneficial. If you use the search tool you’ll find a wealth of info on these topics. In short, some of us embrace the idea of damnation as a retort to the JCI rhetoric, but it’s not real damnation. It is freedom from mental slavery and spiritual subjugation. I hope that helps


@J.A.Ragnarson well put. :+1::+1::+1:


It’s all a matter of perspective, there’s no such thing as objective morality.


Well, first you must put a definition to a term that is completely subjective. What’s evil to the sheep is virtuous to the wolves. Evil and good are very real but they depend on personal definition and thus manifest themselves according to how one perceives the world. To a Christian or Islamist, summoning spirits or simply loving someone of the same sex is evil. To a pagan or black magician, destroying entire cultures and forcefully converting them to your belief system is evil. It’s not up to some book, god(s), or church to decide what’s good and evil. It’s up to you. It’s been said that one can tell the quality or character of someone by their enemies and those that oppose them, and by this definition, “demons” seem to be of great quality if the most violent, bigoted, and corrupt belief systems have been so threatened by them that they have demonized them.


I’ll try to add some input as I’ve been looking for the same answers in the past couple of months and have read thousands of posts here and elsewhere and so far I have managed to come to some conclusions.

Heaven and hell - hell in terms of where people are punished by God for disbelieving or fapping or whatever, this place is a thought form generated by beliefs out in the belief territories in the Astrals. Nobody can send someone there when they die, but if a person dies believing they will go to Hell when they die as they deserve it according to their beliefs then they just may end up there.

As for heaven, there are many ‘belief territory heavens’ up there and different belief systems have their own heaven (I haven’t been, but authors in the Astral Projection community have written about their experiences visiting)

A real hell - it seems there is indeee a place where demons reside and this is also referred to as hell, however from what I have learnt so far, nobody is sent there for punishment…

Though, Hell can be dark and gloomy and all that, as too are demons. But, that’s their nature. Also note, not all those who are referred to as demons are the same in nature. Some are as mentioned deities, some fallen angels and numerous other kinds too.

There are beings of light and beings of darkness, and that is their nature but darkness vs. light does not equate to good vs evil. Demons aren’t all evil, and angels aren’t all gold. They can both kill and vanquish enemies, likewise they both turn up when a magician calls them.

As for the contradiction with being foul and evil vs being pleasant etc… well it’s not a contradiction unless it’s referring to the exact same individuals. Some demons, are nearly always seen in a pleasant way, and they are pleasant, but they may not specialize in havoc and destruction. If you was to send demons to your enemies, they will be the unpleasant kind. The ones who teach you knowledge, persuassion etv may be the refined and pleasant kind.
Just like humans, there are pleasant school teachers and there are seriel killers.

When you die, you are not given the choice, or commanded with either heaven or hell. You could go to either one, a new planet, or even create a kingdom of your own in the astrals. You’re a free soul and your fate is in your hands.

What seems to be key in moving forward is throwing away all previous beliefs and conditioning as they make us approach each step with a kind of prejudice which will inevitably effect the results and findings. We must rewrite the story based on real experience and observation.


According to EA, this is true only if you’ve mastered astral projection/soul travel while still living. Otherwise there is a kind of gravitational pull that moves you towards whatever destination matches your vibration.


Thank you, dear one, for your awesome input.
I tend to agree with you, the path to exorcising the “demons” of conditioning is sometimes long and arduous. Alas, we have no choice but to walk it, those of us who yearn for awakening our true essence.


Thank you!

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Yeah, I haven’t watched the video, and hopefully will when I connect to wifi, But I agree 100% based on what I have read from those who are active in helping some dead people in the astrals “move on”. For example the Astral projection author Robert Monroe mentioned it alot in his books.

When most people die they are in a kind of dream state, gravitating towards that which occupies their mind/desires/beliefs - and that which they resonate with vibrationally etc.

Part of ascension and the conquering of the self seems to be learning how to transcend all of that, so that when we die we manage to maintain conciousness and we dictate ourselves and not get caught up in the pull like a mindless zombie. Some get to this level via soul travel and some via achieving “enlightenment”.


Very much, so, thanks for taking the time, brother!

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Heaven and hell are merely other dimensions in the astral plane, the depictions in the bible in my opinion are false. Are demons evil and malevolent? It all depends on who calls on them and their intent and purpose. It has more to do with the practionerr than the demon.


Thank you!