How to have a bigger penis

I just wanted a quarter inch to get a nice round figure since I’m weird with numbers like that.

It’s not like I’m that small to begin with. I thought adding anything more than an inch and a half would be inhumane.



What spirits do you recommend for fixing ED?

Do you use Ipamorelin regularly. I wanna know more about it? I am fairly new here so I can’t PM you yet- could you send me one?

Fig. 371: Forsteton (17° Pisces) - Childless, infertile female magicians are given advice by this head on how to become fertile. He
shows them means and ways by which they can determine in advance the sex of the baby they expect. If asked to do so, Forsteton
will remove from man or woman frigidity and increase their sexual powers. The methods revealed by this head will enable the
magician to maintain the sexual and intellectual powers of youth
until he is a very old man. A magician whose sexual powers
decline, but who, for some reason or other, wants to increase
them will not only find an excellent adviser in Forsteton, but also
a ready assistant

From Franz Bardon´s evocation book


I know you posted this back in '18. But, bald men are sexy, especially when they have a great personality.

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I don’t buy it. I don’t find it sexy in any way. I am 27 years old now and I see it with my own eyes.

Girls aren’t interested in some bald dude. They associate you with being old and being in decay.

They are not sexually attracted. And I completely understand that. I wouldn’t want a bald woman either.

I know who I was before I went bald. I was a very good looking guy. But life makes you sit down and humble I guess. Not that I was an arrogant dick.

My biggest luck is that your appearance has nothing to do with your magick skills so I can walk the LHP with pride.

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You are not your body. You are far bigger than that. Sexiness comes from within, and then it’s reflected outwards. You’re right, women don’t go for baldies. Many of us go for men who shine brightly because of excellent personal vibe, confident despite being bald (or full head of hair, whatever), charismatic, big-hearted, loving, kind, intelligent, etc. All of these are great qualities that are very attractive. You could be the best looking guy around, but without being attractive on the inside, you don’t stand much chance of attracting a healthy, happy, long-term relationship with a fantastic woman. Also, watch the stories you tell about what you think women like in men. Try not to assume… because stories become reality after a while. And self-pity, or a defeatist attitude is not attractive at all. :wink:



You are right. We are what we think and it’s very important to think positive. I am trying to program myself to think positive 24/7. I must think positive and send positive thoughts and energies into the universe.

Sometimes my mind wanders and I get this negative spiral of self talk. It also doesn’t help that I am extremely HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and very empathic as a male. I sometimes think I am too sensitive for this world and dating in general. Too much pain and I can’t handle that. I am hiding myself from the world.

I try to work with demons to get what I want but no much luck lately. I am working on my psychic senses and I have chakra blockages but don’t know how to solve those.

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Everyone’s shallow to a degree but confidence is well liked by both men and women, I’m pretty sure, no guys or girls who openly give off that “please love me and my potential extreme desire for a relationship vibes” are going to get someone.

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I’m not surprised, given the story you’ve just told me. I’ve no doubt you’ve been telling yourself a very similar story for so long, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel desirable. You’ve got to consider yourself a good choice in order for others to consider you a good choice.

Just a little reminder, guys.

When you tell yourselves silly stories about how unworthy you are for potential partners, we tend to pick up on the unworthy vibe, and steer clear. :wink:

Unless another person who feels unworthy is attracted to you…

Like attracts like, especially vibrationally.

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It’s no good just saying that you’re a supreme choice. You’ve gotta know it, in your deepest heart. When you do, the women on the same vibrational level as you will be reflecting that back to you, in the form of compliments and genuine desire/interest.

Now, if you truly know that you’re the bee’s knees, then I can only guess that you’re attracting not-so-good comments from those who are not on the same vibrational page as you, and you’re not understanding how things truly work on a vibrational level. If this is the case, you’re attracting these comments by taking notice of them and complaining about it, even if the complaints are mostly only happening in your mind. (Btw, these women aren’t worth taking any notice of, let alone complaining about. Just tell yourself a good story about how the perfect woman is out there for you, describe who she is, and while you’re waiting, you’re gonna have fun. Keep telling yourself that story until it feels like the truth to you, and watch the magic happen.)

The other possibility is that you’re vibrating something other than what you’d like. In other words, you’re insecure deep inside and you don’t truly know that you’re a supreme choice.

So, which is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Women really don’t care about size. I am not sure if this is being done out of low self-esteem or insecurity. I’m a woman. If a girl were to give you shit because of your penis size, get them out of your life. Your body is your temple. Take care of it and love it the way it is. And if it happens to change, embrace that too.


That’s a load of bs. I hear so many women admit it. Maybe in their younger days until they get older and realize they got to take person more seriously other than their looks/equipment or they won’t find a husband. They won’t admit it though as they don’t want to sound like a slut. Those are the superficial ones. And most are until they grow up. later in their life.

Okay well, I don’t care about size. I have female friends that say that they don’t care either. You can’t speak for all women.

I can speak for the majority as that’s the majority. Mainly the younger age ones have that issue. As they are into the social life scene . The older age one start to get serious into career or family. Of course there are exceptions. And then there are differences in view depending on what generation they are with.

It really comes down to what phase of life they are in. sex phase or family phase or career phase. That is the filter for their thoughts.

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