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Hello everyone I have been reading posts on this forums for about a couple of weeks now. (I am also a heavy cannabis user)I have been trying to call upon Bune and the sigil. Using a candle I found in my drawer, I tried calling upon Bune and meditating on his sigil while saying the enn. That was about a week ago, and so far I have not really noticed anything different. But these past couple couple of nights, I get this weird sensation from my lower part of body while im sleeping. It almost felt like i was submerged up to my waist in some kind of heavy jello (if that makes sense)… And last night it happened again, and I specifically recalled when I was half awake and that sensation was settling in. I snapped out of it being awake now, but as soon as I would start to get sleepy, immediately i felt it. Tbh it didnt feel bad just very unusual. I also know this isnt from the pot… Could anyone give their opinions on this? Any tips on how to evoke without candles? (I live with my parents, just kinda risky thats all) Thank you!!!

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Be blessed.

Also @Alazif is a good man, he’s pretty awesome!

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