Hi I’m baby blue. I am an 18 year old male living in Los Angeles. I usually practice magick on prosperity, attraction and healing but I’m always willing and trying new things! I consider myself a witch. I think I could use help with many things as I tend to dabble on whatever comes my way and interests me, as for what i think I could help with uhmmmm I’m looking to learn more coming here than help as I’m not too knowledgeable on most of the stuff here but if anyone ever needs help with a love spell or stuff like that I’d love to talk. Thanks for reading, I’m excited to be here and to learn :blush:


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome.

How long have you practiced?

Hi I’m lacalle living in Nigeria. I’m new to this but reading through and seeing how everyone looks out for one another made me love the community. No one acting like they know it all. I will love if someone can guide me and open me eyes to more possibilities.

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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Please open a separated/new thread for your introduction or do it here :

Then you can visit this section for more helpful topics :

Thank you,

I’ve been practicing for 4-5 years but It’s only been 2 years of me taking magic as serious as I do now.